14. Apr, 2016


FRIDAY 1-5-15

The total silence last night was spooky, something we had not encountered since leaving home. We even got to hear a cuckoo, something I haven't heard back home for years. There seems to be a pair of them flying around us here.

My first visit to a shower block since we set out from home. I decided to have a wet shave under the shower, only to discover on opening my wash bag that the shaving foam was in fact a large can of deodorant spray. Still, I now know it is possible to shave using 'Head & Shoulders' hair shampoo on my face.  I've been shaving mostly with an electric shaver for convenience. I've had them before and don't really like them; to me you can't beat a wet shave. I bought a Philips three-headed shaver in Las Vegas in 2008 for the same reason, hated it, I felt as if it was just filing my beard down rather than cutting it. Recently I decided to give it another try and purchased a Braun Series 1 190s. I have to say I'm impressed. I get a nice smooth finish and it actually feels as if it’s cutting; a bit like the effect you get with a garden strimmer. On the other hand you could save the money and just stick your face in a revolving strimmer.

Today is my youngest daughter Nicola's birthday, and to celebrate, the Greeks have given themselves a National Holiday, so even less will get done here today.

The weather is warm and sunny and due to get quite hot again. We have spent the day relaxing outside the motorhome and treating ourselves to a barbecue this evening. We now have a number of new neighbours. One young Greek couple with a tent, one German couple with a motorhome and now a couple from Holland who I had a nice long chat with this evening. They were singing the praises of the Peloponnese Peninsula which I had planned to tour but had decided against. What should I do?

Tomorrow we are hoping to get up early enough to catch the 07:40 bus to the Delphi historic site which isn't too far away but too far to walk.