14. Apr, 2016



Up at 06:30 and over to the shower block. Obviously I was up and about before the hot water boiler. There was no hot water in the showers, so that was an unpleasant experience.

The bus was supposed to stop right outside the campground at 07:40. Luckily I spotted it coming up the hill from the village below us and we scrambled up to the campsite entrance and climbed aboard at 07:30. About fifteen minutes later we arrived at the entrance to the Delphi Historic Archaeological Site. It opened at 08:00 and so we were among the first to enter. It didn't take too long to have a good look around; the site wasn't as large as I thought.

Up until now we've managed to avoid American tourists hunting in packs, but today our luck ran out. We’d decided to have a spot of lunch before going in to the museum section of the site, and there they were, sitting at tables and circling around. Now the strange thing about Yanks is that in their own country they are just the nicest, friendliest, most normal people you could meet, but get them on vacation and they become loud and obvious, like they want everybody to know they're there.

The lunch was a bit pricey. Two ham, cheese and tomato filled baps, a large bag of crisps and two glasses of cold lemon juice €16, about £12. I think these Greek folk are looking to the tourists to clear their national debt for them.

After the museum (I find most of them boring) we had a whole three hours to kill before the return bus. Luckily for us a taxi pulled up to drop off a fare. Rosina asked how much to the campground? Ten Euro's came the reply - we were in the back in a flash. This bit of luck meant we were back at the campsite about mid-day, had we known  how things were to work out we'd have saved ourselves €16 by having lunch on our return. Never mind we've done our bit for the Greek economy.

I've loaded the pictures in to the laptop, The Chef is relaxing outside in the sun, and all seems well with the world. Tomorrow is another rest day, on Monday we shall walk down to the village below in the hope that we can buy some large potatoes for jackets etc. Simple things like this are proving difficult to come by over here.