14. Apr, 2016


SUNDAY 3-4-15

We again woke to lovely warm sunshine, what a treat it was. The nights have not been as peaceful as for some reason a very loud dog down below in the village has decided to stand in for the cockerel these past couple of mornings and given us non-stop barking from about 06:30.

Yesterday we were joined by two couples of Austrians and their motorhomes. The cheeky devils have parked sideways taking up three pitches between them, then unloaded their motorbikes and parked them rather too close to us. I mustn't let them wind me up about it. I think it must be in the genetic makeup of some people from that part of the world. If it's not other people's countries they want its sun beds or camping pitches.

We decided to take a walk down to Chryso, the local village this morning. It looks rather nice from up here, but as we walked downhill along the winding road we could see that close-up it was nothing like as nice. Never mind it was a nice walk, and we could rub shoulders with the locals and see their way of life which is something we like to do. We didn't find any shops at all, and had we done so I'm sure that,as to day is Sunday they would have been closed.

On our way down to the village we were adopted by a very large, docile dog that followed us everywhere. He was panting a bit and when we stumbled across a water tap in the street I turned it on for him to have a drink, but he wasn't interested which surprised me. The Chef said he probably just wanted to belong to somebody, which was rather sad and probably true. He followed us back up the hill and we were getting closer to the campground. I was worried that he'd follow us in there and cause us all sorts of problems. Luckily for us, but unfortunately not for the dog, we passed a herd of goats, the same herd we'd seen on the way down, complete with their goat herder and his two dogs. Having seen us go past on the way down he must have seen our problem and told his two dogs to see ‘our dog’ off which they did assisted by another stray who had followed 'our' dog up the hill. It wasn't pleasant to see, but that's how life is here in Stavrosland.

This evening’s meal was again eaten outside on a lovely warm evening complete with views. We have decided to move north to Dubrovnik in Croatia on Tuesday. We had said that we'd eat one evening in the restaurant here as a treat but probably won't now as I'm not too keen on oily food. Rather than have traditional Moussaka using avocados and olive oil, I'd prefer a Shepherds' Pie with WD40 sprayed over it.