14. Apr, 2016


MONDAY 4-4-15

Today we caught the bus in to Itea, the town we can see in the distance on the shores of the Gulf of Corinth. We needed to stock up on fresh provisions and some bits and pieces. The bus came at about 10:25, only ten minutes late which is good for out here. It was a very winding road in places but that didn't deter the bus driver from driving one-handed whilst taking and making calls on his mobile phone, holding the steering wheel and a cigarette in the other. On arrival we established that the return buses were either at 12:30 or 15:45, so we were either going to have to be pretty quick or pretty slow. Luckily I had spotted a Carrefour supermarket up a side street to our left as we came in to town. Salvation! We had a quick look around and were pleased we could get all we needed in there. Now the question - do we stay until 15:45 and pop in before we go, or buy now and leg it out of town at 12:30. We chose the latter and grabbed a trolley. One cool bag, one large shopping bag and one full backpack later we left the store. Having checked our bank statement a couple of days ago we noticed we were being charged 2% on card transactions but cash withdrawals were free. We understood before we left both would be free, so we decided to get some cash out of the ATM at 'Stavros Post' or whatever they call their government owned postal service.  It looks as if we paid 70p per Euro and were then screwed 4% by Stavros Bank at this end as there was a charge of about £9 to pay. So that was the final nail in the coffin for me and Greece. We're heading out of town tomorrow, and will leave the greedy, lazy sods to pay off their national debt without our help.

Today has been a bit of a result. This morning one of the Austrians damaged his vehicle on rocks on the bend whilst trying to dump his grey water waste before leaving the site. This evening the older couple in the remaining vehicle seem to have had a falling out. This evening they were both walking up the road towards the restaurant which sits up above us here. She was wearing a little black number trimmed with those fringe bits you get hanging around the bottom of lampshades. They look good on lampshades but not on the bottom of her black dress. He was dressed down in what looked like a glorified pair of bathing trunks and a short sleeved shirt. Clearly she felt he hadn't made an effort and they came back separately, and have been holed up ever since, him watching TV and her outside smoking fags. Still that fringe on the bottom of her dress should keep the flies off her itchy bits. To top it all a young Dutch couple arrived in a car and pitched a tent exactly where they were entitled to do so - slicing right through the Austrians previous land-grab.  I shall sleep well tonight, feeling that all is right with the world.