14. Apr, 2016



I'm over the annoyance of the missing wheel trim now. I'm looking at it differently. I think it's the motorhomers equivalent of armfuls of tattoos and a black eye patch - dead 'ard, like 'we've been there and done it so don't mess with us' sort of thing. You got here using smooth roads? - Tarts!

Today we're heading for Dubrovnik in Croatia, via Budva and Kotor on the coast in Montenegro, down the hill and over the rickety bridge. Down by the seaside in Montenegro it was so much nicer. We even paid €5 to go through a tunnel in order to miss going over a large mountain. What luxury, the tunnel was straight, had smooth concrete walls and lots of lighting, worth every cent.

We didn't go in to Budva as it required us leaving the main coastal road and dropping down in to the town, and I had no idea what we would find down there when we arrived. Onward then, travelling down the coast to Kotor. It's a very pretty town in what looks like a Norwegian Fjord. We joined a long slow moving line of traffic right through the centre of town. In the centre we passed a cruise ship tied up alongside, which was decanting its passengers on to coaches. This was causing most of the delay. Bloody mass tourists. Honestly they've been a pain to us all the way. They get taken everywhere in luxury, wake up the following morning in another harbour, loaded on to buses to be herded around some other place or other then back for a lie down and a disgustingly large evening meal.

We would have loved to have stopped in Kotor for a few hours but unfortunately there was nowhere for us to park. To be fair to them there were a number of car parks and parking spaces but nothing big enough to take our vehicle.

Before we'd got clear of the town I think the penny dropped with The Chef, that wherever cruise (she fancies doing one) ships go, the locations are always crowded places. That's right, it's because they ARE the crowd.

On down the coastal road to the Montenegro-Croatia border, nice people and we were soon through to Croatia. My word what a difference. Suddenly the roads were smooth and in good repair, everywhere looked clean and tidy, what a very pleasant surprise.

I gave the Balkan states we'd travelled through some thought and concluded that individually they were gross. Too small to finance the cost of government, defence etc - and too poor to get themselves out of near poverty – and it showed. Perhaps they could all join together so that they can share both the costs and all their resources. We could then call it something like maybe............................ Yugoslavia. Or better still perhaps they can all join the EU and we’ll give them the money they need.

And as for the stern, officious attitude of the border guards, I blame one person - Englebert Humperdinck. Ever since the 2012 Eurovision Contest when these people beat the Imperialist British, they've strutting around with some sense of superiority. Well get this - EVERYBODY beat us that year!  After last year I'm proposing that we put George Michael in a wig, sequinned dress and heels and get him to sing that new song of his, penned whilst sat in his car outside a public toilet block. It's called 'I'll Follow You In'. It's a winner, and at least the lad can sing properly.

We pulled up in a lay-by above Dubrovnik to take a few photographs from above, then on to our campground. We had a bit of a problem finding it but we're here now. Camping Solitudo (GPS: N42.661971 E18.070626). It's about a 20 minute bus ride to Dubrovnik Old Town, and all for about £25 a night, a bit 'top of the tree' as campground prices go out of season, but we can use the pool and facilities of the nearby hotel which is owned by the same company and there is a very nice beach and bar area a short walk away should we wish.

Tomorrow we are off in to Dubrovnik Old Town on the local bus to do battle with the lemmings off the cruise ships once more.