14. Apr, 2016


FRIDAY 8-5-15

The alarm clock went off at 07:00 and we were soon up, visiting the shower block then having breakfast. We had agreed to try and get away fairly promptly so that we could have a look around Dubrovnik Old Town before most of the coach and cruise ship lemmings arrived. We had drawn some local currency from the ATM so that we could pay our bus fare.

All went to plan and I suppose we arrived there at about 09:15. It is very pretty and we were able to wander around taking pictures before deciding to pay £10 each to walk around the fortified wall. The temperature continued to climb higher and higher. The weight of the camera bits and pieces etc was weighing quite heavily in my rucksack, especially after we discovered that the battery in the SLR camera had flattened and was immediately joined by the spare one we had with us. Perhaps the time has come to buy something much smaller and lighter that will do the job as well. That then left The Chef with an easy day and me carrying the camera on my back, trying to get a few video shots as well. We had allowed two days to do the town but concluded that we could do it in one. After the walk along the wall we decided on a drink. We sat outside a bar-cum-restaurant down by the tour boat harbour. The Chef settled for a glass of very cold lemon and I had a very cold beer and a sandwich for lunch. I like a glass of wine but when it's this hot for me, only a very cold beer will do the job.

After lunch we mooched around just a little longer before leaving about mid-day as the white cruise ship we had seen close to shore earlier had obviously docked and was decanting those capable of following somebody holding a flag on a stick. I think the cruise line was something like 'MSC', we've seen one in both Istanbul and Itea, and when we see them we get Yanks. Each passenger has a sticky badge on their clothing with a bold number in the middle, this relates to the number being carried aloft by the guide at the front, so I assume it must be an American cruise line.

It was getting very busy, very quickly. We grabbed an ice cream before leaving town and heading off 'home' on the bus.

We were both impressed by the prices in Dubrovnik; considering it is such a major tourist attraction they were very fair. We have decided to return tomorrow evening and experience the evening atmosphere, having spent the day chilling out, maybe visiting the hotel pool up the road.