14. Apr, 2016



This morning we set off for the local, rather small supermarket for some fresh provisions before relaxing around the campsite. The plan was to have a barbecue and then make our way back in to Dubrovnik Old Town for the evening. The afternoon was spent waiting for very dark clouds, thunder and lightning to pass us by. Unfortunately it did eventually land on us rather than pass us by, and all the waiting around meant it was too late to bother with having the barbecue before going in to town. We decided instead to have a meal at a small local restaurant we had seen on the way to the bus stop. We both had soup of the day followed by barbecued chicken, fries and vegetables followed by a nice ice cream dessert. The piece of chicken looked as if it had been beaten to death with a large hammer, a bit like HGV road-kill, but tasted very nice, and with a glass of wine each, plus a tip - £20.

On arriving at Dubrovnik Old Town we entered through the fortified wall. What a difference. It was lovely and peaceful, and we were able to witness a wedding party going around the town singing songs as they went.

We found ourselves sat by the marina waiting for the sun to set when I got chatting to an American couple. These were different Americans; these were able to walk around on their own quite independent of the need to follow somebody with a number held high on a stick. In fact there were no groups at all. After sunset the town centre was absolutely enchanting, the crowds had long gone home and the 'Cafe Culture' came to the fore with many restaurants employing their own musicians to entertain customers outside.

I can certainly recommend Dubrovnik for a long weekend visit. I think B&B would be preferable accommodation since you would then have the pleasure of eating out in the city centre in the evenings. Allow a whole day for the Old Town and another for perhaps going on an excursion trip to somewhere like Mostar to see the bridge, or a day cruise around the islands - £25 including lunch, or failing that a look around Dubrovnik 'New Town' down near the port where the cruise liners dock and where most people live and go about their work.

Which brings me to the very point of these insane ramblings - it's about sharing information. When I started to plan our trip through America in 2008 I faced a blank sheet of paper, I had to work out where we wanted to go and why, and how long that would take us, how we would get there, what we would pass along the way, and how much roughly it would cost us. Like the trips to America, we are by no means the first people to undertake this particular trip using this particular route, however, if previous travellers had shared their experiences then it would have been a huge help to me and I would probably have done things differently. So after the trip I will use my daily diary notes and photographs to put together a blog, probably with the America stuff first, followed by this trip, and God-willing further trips in the future.

The bus back at about 21:30 was very busy and in the darkness we made the mistake of getting off at the wrong stop. This entailed a long walk around hotel complexes and a path by the beach in total darkness, but having been told by hotel staff that we would be quite safe as there was no crime in Dubrovnik (now how many people can say that about their home town?) we carried on and eventually arrived back at the campsite.