14. Apr, 2016


SUNDAY 10-5-15

Up at 07:00 to a lovely clear blue sky. Weather like this just inspires you to get up and make the most of it.

Off to the shower block again. Now there's one thing I can't stand and that's the noise of old men loudly snorting etc to clear their tubes, what a disgusting noise, dirty sods. You get it back home but it seems to be a habit most practiced by those over the Channel. If I had my way they'd be made to drink kettle de-scaler or Fernox central heating rust inhibitor. It would do the job far more efficiently. OK, so there would be the screams as the acid burned the internal soft tissue of their tubes, but I’d much rather listen to that, and I bet the next time they consider a clear out using internal compressed air they'd bloody well think twice before doing it........... Now where was I?

We thought we'd go for a wander down to the port today (I've been referring to it as the marina, but according to the signage here it's a port). It was hot, my chef and soul mate had done some hand washing before we left and had hung it all over our nice comfy reclining chairs before we set out.

Following our noses and instincts we were down at the marina, sorry, port in about 15 minutes. A lovely spot marred only by another group of keep-fit loons running something like a half-marathon around the 'New Town' and port. It seems that no matter where we go on our travels some group of people or other want to impress us with their physical prowess. Down the road we clocked a supermarket and so bought some bits and pieces before walking home again. It was hot, it must have been 30°C again. The Chef was struggling a bit in the heat on our return up-hill journey, but my description of what the interior of a Nursing Home looks like somehow spurred her on.

This afternoon has been very pleasant, after doing the weekly housework ready for moving on. We had a barbecue early afternoon followed by the luxury of sitting out in the sun and snoozing.

This evening is to be spent watching a bit of DVD TV. I've been trying to get The Chef in to 'Doc Martin' ,we started watching it together in Spain and are now up to series 4.

Tomorrow we leave lovely Dubrovnik to take our chances on the roads up to Mostar in Bosnia-Herzi- whatever, for a look at the famous bridge that had huge significance with the local population in the Balkans War, and was destroyed in the shelling and subsequently rebuilt. I thought I'd found a campsite up there but now maybe I haven't. So I need us to leave in good time so that we can complete the 70-mile journey up there and then back down again in a day, just in case we can't find somewhere to rest our heads for the night.