15. Apr, 2016


SUNDAY 17-5-15

Neither of us slept well last night but the upside was we didn't get any new bites either. It was a lovely bright, warm, sunny morning.

The shower cubicles were modern and clean, with each unisex cubicle accessed individually from around the outside of the building. They were kept clean by a lady standing outside who would go in to the cubicle as you left and give it a good hosing down.

The latest amendment to the cunning plan is that we will now go in to Pula on the bus today, take the cameras and see if we can get all our bits done. If we can, then we'll look at what we can do between now and when the rain arrives on Wednesday evening.

Two tickets in to town on the bus was about £2 each way. As we couldn’t see the Amphitheatre from the bus as we'd expected to, we stayed on and had a lovely ride around the whole area until, some miles out of town, the bus driver asked us where we were trying to get to. When the bus eventually got back in to Pula he put us off at the right stop with some directions. He probably drove off thinking 'Old people - they really should be euthenised'.

After a while we came across the Amphitheatre, a very impressive building, the fifth largest in the world, so good that we decided to splash out on the entrance fee of £4 each (nobody can call us cheap!) and I'm glad we got to see it.

There were a few more Roman sites to visit in town before we agreed it was getting too hot to be out and about without good reason. Whilst down there we'd treated ourselves to some refreshment. Rosina had an iced coffee, and I had a large beer and rather than drink on an empty stomach had a toasted sandwich with it. Just like MacDonald's and Burger King, where the pictured product looks so big you'd never get your hands around it to pick it up, and when it arrives in a box it's just a damp, flat bun with some goo in it, my sandwich looked nothing like the picture. Never mind, the whole lot cost less than £6 which wasn't bad.

On our return to the campground The Chef made us a drink before sitting out for a bit of sunshine, I on the other hand took a deep breath and downloaded yesterday and today's pictures. Today's were fine, and yesterday? It's not her fault that some lovely panorama photobombed her picture of a crash barrier, an interesting building on a hill spoilt her shot of an electricity pylon, or those mountains behind got in the way of miles of toll road ahead of us. Oh well at least we have our memories.  I am though, rather hopeful that one of the pictures she took along the Dalmatian Coast is a potential Turner Prize winner. Never before have I seen such artistic interpretation, I'd share it with you, but there could be complications regarding copyright should she win.

The latest 'Plan B', having consulted the weather forecasts is that we will leave here tomorrow morning heading up the coast to Camping Porto Sole just south of Vrsar on the Istrian Peninsula which has been recommended to us by a very nice couple who were our neighbours at a campground we stayed at in Spain during the winter. We plan to spend three nights there enjoying the good weather before it rains overnight Wednesday , then leave Thursday morning for Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, which we'll travel to in the wet, visit in the wet, then travel to Lake Bled in the wet afterwards.