15. Apr, 2016


TUESDAY 19-5-15

We woke to another lovely warm sunny morning with the many birds around us twittering and singing their hearts out - a lovely sound.

After a shower I devoured the last of the pineapple chunks spread over my Kellogg's Frosties.

This morning we both had some washing to do and so I set about rigging up a clothes line between two trees at the edge of our pitch, whilst The Chef got her bits washed over at the shower-cum-everything-else-involving-water block.

Chores done, we made our way over to the very nice pool area. Luckily this area isn't too busy at the moment but must be heaving in peak season. We bagged a couple of loungers and an umbrella and settled down to some reading and sunbathing. It was all very nice and made a change to just lying around doing nothing.

The Chef blinked first and asked what the time was, I said “I don't know, I don't have my watch on, why?”  She was wondering about lunch, I said to let her tummy tell her when lunch was. Within about half an hour I guess, her tummy spoke to her, and she was off for lunch. I told her I was staying put as we could well lose our sun beds if we left. After absolutely ages she returned having had her lunch, and a sit indoors to have a break from the sun. She had returned with my lunch which I munched whilst watching the pool area getting much busier.

I fancied a dip to cool down a bit. I say dip because I can't swim. So, me, I have to settle for doing a 'Hoff' impression whilst walking down to the shallow end, stepping in, then elbowing the kids with their armbands and inflatable crocodiles out of the way.

Following pool protocol, I walked to the exterior shower and hit the button. Bloody hell, the water was freezing, absolutely freezing! It completely took my breath away; I wanted to squeal like a stuffed pig but didn't dare. In to the pool I went, had a wander about, did about four strokes, sank, and then got out, but there was no way I was going to use that shower again.

Soon after that I got bored and made my way 'home' leaving The Chef to follow on a bit later. First I went over to the shower block and had a warm shower to get rid of any Chlorine, then did a bit of hand washing.

After soaking up some more sun we sorted out our retractable awning which, when stowed away yesterday, hadn't folded in properly. Then it was The Chef's offering of Spaghetti  Bolognese and garlic bread for our evening meal, followed by a walk around the campground where we found the correct location for the pitches 'down by the beach' as opposed to where we thought they were which had resulted in the humiliating reversing manoeuvre all the way past the 'cafe culture' punters.

Tomorrow will be our last day here. We are planning a walk in to Vrsar, the local village, before getting some chores done while we have the chance, as we are expecting about six days of wet weather after tomorrow.

I invited the chef indoors to watch some DVD TV and she chose 'The Golden Eggcup' a Christmas Special of 'The Royle Family' it was whilst watching it that a realised the Royle's next door neighbour, Joe, looked the spitting image of our tubby, jolly, ticket man at Mostar bus station.