15. Apr, 2016



What a lousy night I had. Normally we don't worry about the vehicle being exactly level when we park up, I'll often check a two-dimensional spirit level I place on the dining table behind my driving seat, announce 'that's near enough'; and that does us. Some people take ages messing about with levelling blocks under various wheels. We have some with us, but have only used them once. Well last night we were clearly down at the back end which meant our heads were pointing downwards. This resulted in the chef snoring like a pig and me with horrible heartburn, even a' Rennies' wouldn't touch it. At 04:00 I got up to try and sleep in the chair, immediately I did so my resident pig stopped snoring - absolutely typical. Anyway I still couldn't settle and so went back to bed but round the other way so that my head was uphill. That seemed to do the trick, though I had to try and remember not to roll over that way round otherwise I would fall on to the floor about four feet below.

We grudgingly rose at 08:30 because the weather website The Chef uses predicted (as opposed to my good old www.bbc.co.uk/weather) that we could get rain this morning, never mind this evening, and so we would need to have the carpets and carpet covers out, sweep through, then put back, before then taking up our large exterior nylon mat before it rained and got wet - and all that before we could have a shower because 'Er Indoors' didn't want to get dust on herself after having showered.

After the chores were done and the vehicle exterior lockers tidied through we had a wander in to the local village of Vrsar. It was a nice little place, it had a large marina with yachts of all shapes and sizes, some doing boat trips, bars and restaurants. We decided to treat ourselves to an ice cream, a large scoop of flavoured ice cream each for about £1.20 in total, our cheapest yet.

After a nice walk around the village we bought a large bag of fresh cherries from a stallholder and a loaf of bread from the local shop before making our way back for lunch. Today it was to be - pancakes of all things. We had a couple of packs of batter mix in the back as well as the small net of fresh lemons we'd bought back in Omis in the hope that we could squeeze them and marry them up to a bag of ice, which never came to fruition. So pancakes, sugar and fresh lemon juice made an unusual lunch and treat.

Early this afternoon we got a few bits of light rain but nothing too much. I was going to turn the vehicle around this afternoon so that the beds were uphill for tonight and we would be ready to drive on to the firm gravel roadway after a possible night of rain. Trouble is a Dutch couple arrived with their caravan and parked very near to us and I didn't want to then move the vehicle as they may misunderstand my motives and be offended. So it's a job to do before bed time.