15. Apr, 2016


FRIDAY 22-5-15

If you have a choice, never park a motorhome or caravan under a large tree when it's due to rain. All night, if it wasn't raining then the tree was dropping much larger, noisier raindrops on us long after the rain stopped. Regular rainfall on a roof can be quite therapeutic whilst you're lying there. Great large, loud random dollops of rain hitting the roof isn't.

We both set off for the shower block at the same time, but as usual I was back first and spent my time wisely by moving the vehicle to the pitch directly opposite us as the last campers to occupy it had just vacated. It is tree-free and should give us a better nights' sleep tonight.

Scrubbed up and fed, chores done and the details of the Dubrovnik campground given to our neighbours, we set off for the city armed with the SLR and video cameras. It was raining lightly but not enough to bother us. Having jumped off the bus at a different, unfamiliar location we made our way to the city centre. We heard music and then saw in front of us a large group of young people dancing in formation, all with matching umbrellas. We hung around recording it, working our way to what was the top of the dancing lines. It turned out that the town centre was closed off because this was some kind of student graduation celebration (Ljubljana has a university with 50,000 students). Events like this are what video cameras are made for and I managed to get myself between the two lines of dancers to record much of the event. It was a thoroughly enjoyable hour or so.

Then it was off to take more pictures in this truly lovely, small, intimate city, what a delight. It was just the lousy weather which was taking the shine off things, and the rain was gradually getting heavier. I was becoming increasingly pleased I had turned the central heating on in the motorhome before we left, at least we would have somewhere nice and warm and dry to return home to.

We both wanted to look inside the cathedral but it was closed between 12:00 & 15:00, so soon after 15:00 we were through the doors clicking away. The artwork on the ceiling etc was magnificent. That job done all of today's boxes were ticked. It just left a trip up to the castle for better views of the city to do tomorrow. We popped in to a local supermarket for some bits before setting off home on the bus. As we'd had a cooked lunch (grilled chicken & chips-we like to eat the same as the locals when we travel!) we decided that this evening we'd just have some nice hot tomato soup and fresh crusty bread. The bonus of having the central heating on was that it also produced about 10 litres of very hot water in the tank. This meant that the chef would not have to trudge over to the block in the pouring rain to do the washing up. I know, I know, I spoil her, I know I do, but I just can't help myself.