15. Apr, 2016


SUNDAY 24-5-15

The rain finally stopped yesterday evening which meant we didn't have to turn the telly up extra loud to offset the noise of the rain on the roof.

Whilst I was wandering to the shower block I was looking at the vignettes in other motorhome windscreens and they were all displaying the cheaper car version, half of what we paid. When we get on the road this morning we'll have to see if there are any clues on the toll roads themselves. 

It's off to Lake Bled today for just a couple of days, it's not too far away, about an hour or so, after that it's the challenge of Venice.

Fortunately the fault in the Satnav was resolved. It had clearly not been charging as we drove along on the way here and the battery had run itself flat enough to just freeze completely, and after a full charge overnight was fine again. This was due to a bad connection on a 3-way socket extension I use to power both the Satnav and dashcam. Fortunately I managed to find a replacement from a 'Chinese' shop (these are similar to Poundland's in that they sell a huge number of lines at very reasonable prices, though not at a pound, and from our experience, they're very popular in Spain).

Interestingly The Chef and I have had very few Brits to talk to since we left the UK, but we don't mind that, I find it very interesting to chat to foreign travellers.

We must be getting closer to home. In Ljubljana we've seen Guinness for sale. We’ve also seen horse meat which is sold here by many butchers, and clearly labelled as such. So this is where the racehorses that don't win races finish up. The Yanks may have catchy slogans like 'We Love Winners', but the Slovenians can go one better with 'We Eat Losers'.

The Chef's shoes were now nice and dry thanks to 24 hours in the bathroom with the skylight open and the hot-air central heating blowing all over them. After a quick chat to a Brit whilst our engine was running prior to lift-off, we made our way around the corner to dump all of our waste water and take on a bit of fresh then off we went.

Our big regret was that we didn't get to see Ljubljana on a bright sunny day, it's so lovely and the photographs would have been so much better.  We didn't feel like tourists whilst we were there, we just blended in which was lovely - and no rip-off tourist prices. If you fancy a nice weekend away go to Ljubljana, only get there before Putin and his Russian Mafia mates discover it, or worse still the British Stag Do weekend-away fraternity, move in and spoil it all.

 As we approached the toll road we spotted the signage, and it would appear we did indeed pay too much for our vignette. We are a 3500kg vehicle and classed as a car (€15), those over 3500kg, a truck (€30), so for seven days we are to be a big heavy motorhome or truck. Annoying really, but I know the lass in the Post Office where we bought it was doing her best to help us, says he through gritted teeth.  

The scenery on our journey to Lake Bled was lovely, again, Austrian-like meadows, alpine chalets, and dramatic mountains in the background (I did tell The Chef that I wanted no more pictures of crash barriers, that she was only to take pictures out of the front windscreen).

So we're here - Lake Bled, with the village of Bled itself on its shore. Having booked in to Camping Bled (GPS: ,N46.361724º E14.082155º) we decided on a stroll around part of the four mile walk around the lake. Next thing we knew we'd walked more than half way, and so it was a shorter distance to keep going.Tomorrow we'll do it all again, only this time carrying the cameras.

This evening has been spent enjoying our evening meal from three tin cans to lighten the load in the back, together with a bit of lubrication from some very nice liquid grapes.