15. Apr, 2016


MONDAY 25-5-15

It was not the best of starts to the day this morning, as, having had a lie-in, I went for a shower at 09:00, hung the dressing gown up, stuck the 'Head & Shoulders' in my hair, turned the shower on and ...... no hot water left. So there I was, rinsing my hair under a cold shower, getting the rest of me a bit splashed before returning 'home' for a rub over with my electric shaver. Clearly the answer is to get up early and beat the Germans to the showers.

The weather had been a bit brighter than we'd expected given the forecast. It seems we've got a depression sitting over this whole area and it's not moving. Based on this we decided to set off around Lake Bled, with jumpers but minus waterproofs. Cameras and spare batteries etc were stuffed in to my backpack and off we went.

It is a lovely spot, and a very nice walk, best known for its church on the island in the lake. Since this is the only visit we intend making here we decided to splash out on a trip across to the island. Twenty-four Euros later we were on our way, being rowed across with about a dozen other people. Amongst this motley shower was a couple, their grown up son, and their dog, an ugly thing in my opinion with short, white pointy ears, with a face like a pug. Well these people were fussing over this poor dog so much and kissing it on its lips, etc, a most abnormal and unhealthy relationship with an animal. I thought it  might be foreplay and I was about to witness a public doggie-goosing or something right there before my eyes.

We would be stopping for about thirty minutes before heading back, and whilst we were killing thirty minutes on the tiny island, the boat owner was making his killing by squeezing in another trip. I calculated that this boatman is making about twelve Euros a minute, every minute, not bad work if you can get it.

There wasn’t a great deal to see on the tiny island, but you just have to play tourist sometimes don’t you?

Following our boat trip we made our way further round the lake to Bled for lunch. I had in mind something fast foody, but The Chef suggested we pop in to a restaurant with an open air dining area with a view of the lake, and so we did. I ordered a beer, Rosina said she's wait until she decided what she was eating, in the end it turned out to be just mushroom soup as there was not really anything else she fancied on the menu. I, by then had decided on the roast lamb. Well the food took ages to come and when it did it was disappointing. The Chef didn't like her soup and hardly touched it. My lamb was cooked ok but they butcher their meat differently here, so it was sort of lumps of varying shapes and sizes of lamb, which was difficult to separate from the fat and gristle, plus chips of sorts and grilled vegetables. I managed to eat a good part of it but didn't really enjoy it. The bill was about €30, about £23, so The Chef is now banned from choosing eating venues for the rest of this trip.

We were scheduled to spend three nights here, with us leaving on Wednesday heading for Venice, but given that tomorrow afternoon and evening are due to be wet we've decided to move on tomorrow and travel there in the wet. We may as well do that as sit indoors reading or watching TV, there's nothing else here we want to see or do, and as there's still quite a lot of mud around following the amount of rain which has fallen on this area over the past few days, it doesn't even make sitting out a pleasure.

I am now getting everything charged up before we leave tomorrow. I like to try and keep on top of things like camera batteries, shaver and toothbrushes.