15. Apr, 2016


SUNDAY 31-5-15

A bit cloudy today, never mind it's still lovely weather. I had chores to do, firstly we've had a mechanical malfunction with the loo and so that had to be sorted as a matter of urgency, followed by a repair to the little cupboard holding the kitchen waste bag. For some reason it has been forced closed and the screws on the bottom hinge have been ripped out of the MDF. It took a while to figure out how to take the adjustable hinge apart, once that was done, fingers crossed I think epoxy resin and hardener  have cured the problem. I then made a lemon cheesecake, though doing it in such a confined space as this leaves me wondering if it's really worth the hassle.

By then it was lunchtime, after which we made for the pebble beach for a sit around in the sun on our large beach mat, and no, it didn't make the experience any more comfortable. I was surprised how few tattoos there were on display. I only saw a couple on a British girl who was lying fairly near us. The design she had on her lower back, well what can I say? If she was a roll of wallpaper I’d hang her in the kitchen.

Today we have thrown out the remaining half of a loaf of sliced bread, which we bought in a Lidl store in Greece. It was a standby in case we were unable to get fresh crusty sticks or loaves. Unbelievably, it was still moist with no sign of mould at all. I've no idea what they put in it, embalming fluid probably.

Tomorrow we plan to spend our first of two days in Monaco, going there by train, so fingers crossed.