15. Apr, 2016


SATURDAY 13-6-15

After returning from the shower block and having our breakfast, and having had her shower, again cutting right across our pitch, we had to listen to 'Hyacinth Bucket' and her husband on their mobile phone talking to somebody about a forthcoming property sale/ purchase. Firstly, these kind of people are the kind that annoy me the very most. Arrogant, loud, full of their own importance, and who seem to think that we all need to listen to what it is they have to say. They're the sort that when you're having some kind of conversation with them all they keep saying is yes..yes..yes, only they keep saying it when you're mid sentence. What they are really saying is "I'm not the slightest bit interested in what you're saying you little oik, I just want you to stop because I've got even more important and interesting things to say". Secondly, why is it that the smaller they make mobile phones, it seems the bigger the mouth needed to operate them? This pair sat indoors with their door open and the phone on 'speaker' so that they could both join in. I was very tempted to call out a reply myself just to make the point but we're off this morning so I don't care, but I'm sure if we had both been staying longer I would have had a polite word with them regarding campsite etiquette.

Engine warmed up I rolled forward off the two wooden boards the rear wheels had rested on just in case it rained heavily and the wheels sunk in a bit. We were heading for Arras which was right on the front line during The Great War. I wanted to take a few pictures in the British Cemetery where a distant relative's death is commemorated.

I had allowed a generous two days to get there and yet we managed to do it comfortably in one. We have done this journey before, though from the Loire Valley rather than Chartres and it had taken longer. I think on this occasion we came a slightly different way, especially around Rouen, which made a big difference.

I knew we had been to this particular Aire before (GPS: N50.294341º E2.787994º) but despite clues from Rosina I just couldn't place it. I was thinking of an Aire we'd been to somewhere in northern France, located on a corner plot between two roads, that wasn't very special at all - well on arrival, it turns out to be this one. Never mind it's somewhere to park up and rest our heads in a very convenient location, and better still it's free.

We had a walk in to town and picked up a few leaflets from Arras Town Hall and then realised we had actually driven past the British Cemetery on the way in to town.

We've spent much of the evening sat outside in our lightweight £5 folding chairs, on a very small patch of grass close by us, and very nice it was too. The road running past here is a dead end so it's nice and quiet. We enjoyed a salad with fresh crusty bread and some of the cheese The Chef bought off the farmer where we bought the wine.

We were later joined by a New Zealand couple who found the Aire by accident; they'd never used one before. They own a motorhome and leave it in the UK with friends, then fly over each year and take it for a spin. Right now it's the middle of their winter back home so it seems like a good thing to do.