9. May, 2016


WEDNESDAY 04-05-16

Having gone to bed so early we were up in time for a wander around the Cite Europe complex before the Carrefour supermarket opened at 09:00. This was handy as during the walk we came across the Carrefour petrol station, long sought out in the past but never found (GPS: N50.9361 E1.806589).

After scooting around Carrefour to get some last minute food bits, it was round to the filling station to top up with diesel at about eighty-five  pence a litre, then parking over the dump station and shedding all of our waste water and most of our 'flat lemonade tasting ' fresh water.

Our route was Rouen/Everoux/Chartres/Orleans/Muides-sur-Loire. We had used this route a couple of times before, but not in this direction.

My word it was far busier across country than we had ever experienced before which added to our driving time. We only had one dodgy moment enroute when, on a dual carriageway, I was overtaking a dark coloured Mercedes with matching driver. Whilst overtaking him a sign informed me that my outer lane was coming to an end up ahead reducing the road back to single carriageway. So whilst I had my foot down overtaking the Merc, its driver must have also seen the sign and decided that there was no way he was going to sit behind a motorhome, or Camping Car as they call them over here, so he puts his foot down, so now we're both accelerating towards the narrowing road. By the time we reached the single carriageway he was driving on the hard shoulder.

Now in my former working life driving big white things with blue lights on, he would have had two choices, firstly brake and yield to me since he should not have accelerated whilst being overtaken, or secondly, take a short flight from the road to the field below the embankment on our right. But as I couldn't risk any damage to ourselves or the vehicle I braked hard enough to allow him to get in front of me. It broke my heart to do so.

On arrival at the Municipal campground here at Muides-sur-Loire (GPS: N47.673313º E1.527666º) The Chef went to book us in for a couple of nights whilst I dumped the rest of our fresh water and partly refilled the tank. Hopefully this will taste better. "Bad news" she informs me on her return. "It's Ascension Day tomorrow, it's a National Holiday, and there's some kind of event happening here all day. He did tell me what it was but I didn't recognise the word he used". Soon afterwards we realised that we had lots of guidebooks onboard but no French dictionary. Oh well, we'll just have to wait and see what the event is tomorrow.

We grabbed a space to pitch right at the edge of the campground with just a wide strip of public grass between us and the River Loire. We were well away from everyone else, the theory being that whatever was happening tomorrow, being on the edge of things we may escape the worst of it.

A fresh salad eaten alfresco and washed down with a drop or two of Rosé wine was a fitting end to a busy day. The weather was glorious but after a while it got a bit chilly and so we went indoors and had an early night.