9. May, 2016


FRIDAY 06-05-16

Oh what a beautiful morning. The sun was shining in a clear blue sky and we were still Muslim-free. We decided to stay another day here because yesterday was anything but the rest day it was meant to be. After scrubbing up we popped in to the village for a delicious crusty baguette, followed by a 7km walk along by the River Loire to a village called Nouan-sur-Loire and back again. This made the sit down in the sunshine on our return all the more enjoyable. Clearly the public holiday extended into today because there are kids and families everywhere which was nice to see, far better than the crowd we had to endure here yesterday.

Lunch was that delicious baguette filled with salad and good old British beef, washed down with lovely cold orange juice. The afternoon was spent reading and lazing around outside before the peace was spoilt by the local teenage Yoof arriving with their music and a trial bike. Fortunately they left about 17:40. I was considering moving the vehicle away from them had it continued for much longer. We have been very unlucky at this campsite this year. In the past it has been absolutely idyllic, but our timing just couldn't have been worse on this visit. Never mind, I don't think we'll return here to the campsite but will still visit the village to buy our 10ltr boxes of delicious red wine.

Tomorrow we pick up some of that wine from the local grower before heading south to Oradour-sur-Glane, a village left just as it was following the German atrocities there during the last war.