10. May, 2016


MONDAY 09-05-16

We were bounced around a bit during the night despite the fact that we were parked between two HGV's, and it had been raining off and on all night, as a consequence The Chef had a bit of a rough night.

After scrubbing up she managed to buy a nice crusty baguette from the shop on the complex before we left to go south on the A75 motorway. The roads were fortunately back to normal today, the French must all be back at work or on strike, or whatever it is they do to keep themselves occupied. We were driving in wind and rain and due to the low cloud base often found ourselves driving up in to it resulting in the need to put the fog lights on.

Early on in the journey we crossed the Millau Bridge. My word what an engineering achievement that is, they would certainly have needed to wear a windproof donkey jacket when building that. It was so high up.

We were making for Montpellier, the Satnav pleasing me immeasurably by taking me right through the centre of town to reach our campsite which was on the northern side, the direction we had come from. On arrival the Chef went to check us in, only to return with bad news. "Check-in isn't until 15:00 so they don't have any ready to give us" which left me wondering what on earth they have to do to make a pitch ready, run a hoover over the grass? It was only about 11:30 and so after a discussion we decided not to bother. We had only come to Montpellier because The Chef had heard it was very nice, but the guidebooks didn't suggest there was anything to keep a philistine like me interested.

We decided to move on and headed for Arles where there are supposed to be some interesting Roman ruins etc. Having arrived at Camping L'Arlesienne (GPS: N43.659419º E4.654176º) we found the campsite here to be rather tired, and there's just one unisex shower cubicle in the toilet block for everyone to use. Either there will be a long queue in the morning or we'll be showering in our motorhomes. The weather is working against us at the moment. Tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy, followed by a very wet Wednesday. That being the case we're going to visit Arles tomorrow, and stay here in the dry on Wednesday before leaving town and getting out in to the countryside a bit. Motorhomes and town centres don't really mix.