16. May, 2016


SATURDAY 14-05-16

We both slept really well and woke to some blue sky at last, which was so welcomed as I was beginning the think this was one trip that just wasn't meant to be.

We both showered after which I emptied the waste water to take any pressure off the waste pipe repair, thus far it seems to have worked this time, so fingers crossed.

We went for a nice stroll in to the village, what a lovely pace of life it is here, nobody seems to be in a hurry. We purchased our daily baguette before making our way back, then over to the wine growers co-operative complex. We had intended to buy a reusable container and get it filled with Rosé, on tap. Luckily for us the chap behind the counter spoke English and explained that to buy it in bulk that way, unless we took it home and bottled it the wine would be like vinegar in two or three days. That was that idea out the window then, still we were in there and so bought another five litres of Coat-Door -Own, my word what a lovely drop of stuff it is, and a five litre box of Rosé. It wasn't until we got back that I realised I bought a box of the 'from somewhere in France' Rosé wine rather than the local wine, so maybe I'll just have to pop back over there again before we leave.

The Chef cracked on with some housework leaving me to soak up a bit of sunshine on this lovely warm but rather windy day. I'm currently reading Bill Bryson's latest book 'The Road to Little Dribbling'. I'm not much of a book reader, preferring decent newspapers and magazine articles, but his writing is quite entertaining.

This evenings meal was a concoction involving a jar of Aldi Chilli something-or-other with fresh mince accompanied by boiled rice. We crunched our way through the baguette afterwards washed down with some lovely local Coat-Door-Own.

We were chatting last night about our last trip to Istanbul, and decided that maybe, just maybe we'll go back to Greece. Last time I'd let the greedy tax-avoiding little beggars get to me, but if we return I'd do it the coward's way and drive south through Italy and then catch a ferry across to Greece. If we do it then it will have to be in 2018, next year we have our travel plans, so 2018 would be the earliest we could do it. Sooner rather than later whilst God-willing I still have my faculties.

Tomorrow there appears to be a 13km or 26km walk through the vineyards between two chateau so I think we'll be attempting a bit of that to keep ourselves occupied. It's not often you get the chance to walk so far through vineyards without being shot at, and since this is yet another National Holiday weekend it will make a nice change from a car boot sale and being peed on by Muslim kids.