17. May, 2016


MONDAY 16-05-16

Today we were making for Orange, about 30km north of us. We had spent far too long at the Aire in Chusclan. Normally when I plan a journey between two locations I will also identify a plan B location enroute should we need to cut the journey short for any reason. That is what Chusclan was meant to be, a plan B. We paused there  because of the weather and the fact that it was yet another Public Holiday weekend, the last one being just last weekend. My thinking was that as I could only identify one campsite at Orange, if it were full with weekenders we would have been stuck. The most frustrating thing of all is that when we arrived here at Camping Manon (GPS: N44.146820º E4.795433º), it was really quiet, they could have accommodated us here earlier with no problem. If only we had a crystal ball.

The campsite is a bit tired, but it has all we need for just €14 a night plus electricity. The Wi-Fi is free, and that's probably because it's almost non-existent.

After parking up we hooked up to mains electricity, put the cameras in my backpack and headed off for town. Needless to say we walked the long way round, doing two sides of a triangle. We had to take it a bit steady as The Chef has a sore back today, she thinks from bad posturing sitting in her seat in the evenings.

Having found the Tourist Office which was closed, it being a public holiday, we helped ourselves to a fee map of the town and set out to find the Roman Theatre www.theatreantique.com  which dates from the 1st-century AD reign of Augustus. This well preserved theatre, a UNESCO site has perfect acoustics, and is still used for theatre performances and concerts.

The Chef didn't feel up to going in and climbing up and down all the steps, and so I went in by myself. I have to say it was a very impressive structure. The SLR camera has a fairly adaptable zoom lens but there was no way I could fit it all in one picture. Hopefully the video camera will help capture it.

Having sat and enjoyed a double-scoop ice cream we decided to make our way back, this time via the Arc de Triomphe which we could see in the distance from a side road. This proved to be a  much shorter route and we were back in twenty minutes as opposed to the 40 minutes of confusion it had taken us to get there.

Taking advantage of the electrical hook-up we decided to have baked potatoes cooked in the small fan oven we carry in the rear locker, together with salad and a cheese omelette.

The weather has been lovely today, and the wind has dropped to something nearing normality. Perhaps with the weather picking up at last and there being no more National Holidays looming our trip can get in to gear. We've been over here for two weeks now and it's felt more like hard work than pleasure.