22. May, 2016


THURSDAY  19-05-16

Rosina didn't sleep too well and was up at 07:30. This meant we beat the rush for the shower block, and it was indeed a mini-rush. This is the first campsite we have ever encountered where so many campers made for the shower blocks. Kids, couples, individuals, some in dressing gowns like me, others in pyjamas, and the rest fully dressed like The Chef.

As we had electricity included in our pitch fee, for breakfast The Chef toasted the remains of a baguette which had gone a bit firm, being a fairly low wattage toaster it slowly dried the bread out still further before browning it. The result was toast of the consistency you'd give a dog to chew on to exercise its teeth and jaws.

Although we were away from the campsite in good time the advantage was lost after I missed a turning and we went for a tour of Avignon during a late rush hour.

We were heading east as planned but now working to plan' B'. The four days we spent at Chusclan has put us behind schedule, so now we'll spend less time in the sticks before arriving on Monday in Villenueve-Loubet, just along the coast from Nice on the Cote d'Azur. Today we were visiting the hill village of Gordes (GPS: N43.913221 E5.198728). The climb was pretty straightforward but needed a lot of concentration as the road was very winding and fairly narrow. We managed to get on a car park right near the village centre which allowed motorhomes to stay for twenty-four hours for eight euros, so that was very reasonable. It does mean that we're rather exposed up here and expect to be rocked to sleep tonight whilst listening to the wind whistling around the roof vents. Needless to say we're the only motorhome on here.

After an early lunch rather than have to return to the vehicle too soon, we set off in to the village armed with the cameras. As well as shots around the streets, there was also a nice picture to be had of the village from further down the hill. Unfortunately the SLR couldn't get it all in and so I intended to return either later on today or tomorrow morning first thing with the little pocket camera which has a wider angled lens. Due to the wind up here we've had to wear our fleece jackets which were continually on and off depending on the degree of wind and sunshine.

Gordes is a very nice place indeed, but very touristy. To give you a feel for the place both Sotherby's and Christy's have estate agencies up here, and kids portions on a restaurant menu cost €15, and that's not a posh restaurant either. After taking pictures and video shots we returned 'home' with two rather delicious cakes from a boulangerie which we enjoyed with a cup of coffee. By now it was only 14:30, my how the day drags when you get up early. We thought we'd go back out and have a wander without the cameras though I did have the little pocket camera to take the views of the village we couldn't get with the SLR. We really would have made tracks back down the hill after that, but it would have meant finding somewhere else to park up for the night. Concluding that was too much hassle we're going to remain here but probably re-position the vehicle to try and shield it from the wind a bit.