25. May, 2016


MONDAY 23-05-16

Today was chores day. Having been on the road for three weeks we had washing and ironing to do and luckily it was a lovely hot sunny day.

The Chef had an inspired suggestion which was to tie our washing line between the two trees on our pitch and as one of them was a larger one we run the line back again, giving as double the length of line. In the end we needed it all.

After the washing it was the turn of the floor, taking all of the carpet and its plastic protective covering out ready for a good sweep and wash through, and being a gentleman I left The Chef to do the bathroom.

After the chores, well all except for the ironing, it was down to our favourite supermarket for a bit of shopping.

On our return we soaked up a bit of sun and I carried on with my second book of the holiday 'Hunter Killers' by Iain Ballantyne, about the Royal Navy's Submarine Service during the Cold War period, very interesting.

During late morning the wind got up and kept blowing dried bits of tree leaf etc in to the motorhome, the floor looked  muckier than before I'd cleaned it. Because of that we had to keep the door shut for much of the day. We were beginning to wonder if the wind had followed us here, it had done so in most other places.

We have vowed to come away with far less 'stuff' on future trips, and will be embracing more local produce on this trip. With that in mind we bought a jar of French Curry Sauce, I know, I know, but you've got to start somewhere. We had it this evening with a drop of chilled Rôse and it was very nice indeed, so that's something we can cross off the list to bring with us in future.

Most of our neighbours are, as usual, French, German, and Dutch. No matter where you go in Europe you meet predominantly those three nationalities. I can understand the Germans, they build very good motorhomes and have the money to spend, the French really do embrace the motorhome lifestyle and welcome them almost everywhere, that's why we love coming here. The Dutch, considering the size of their country always field a strong contingent.

My biggest frustration at the moment is the Wi-Fi here at Camping Hippodrome. Granted it's free but it is also very difficult to get connected and when successful, it's very slow. I think I shall have to get up in the middle of the night to use it.

I'm hoping to get the TV/DVD repaired whilst we're here, the lass up at Reception didn't give me much room for optimism, so I think I'll have to Google it and try and find a television repair service somewhere in the area.

Tomorrow we plan to visit Antibes, just along the coast. Villeneuve-Loubet, where we are staying is about halfway between Nice and Antibes, so it's easy to get to by bus, and if we wish to go further then there's the train station about a thirty minute walk away.