25. May, 2016


TUESDAY 24-05-16

We were up fairly early this morning as we were off out, beating many of the Germans to the showers.

Having wandered up to the bus stop we were soon on our way using the very regular service which runs between Nice and Cannes, the trip lasted about twenty  minutes and cost us €1 each, in fact whenever we get on a bus here it costs us €1. If it's a fixed price, I wonder how far €1 would take us?

Being over cautious at times we're inclined to get off a bus too soon rather than be taken too far out of town as we did yet again in Pula, Croatia. The bus driver must have looked in his mirror as we got off and thought to himself 'They're fit, they must have decided to walk the rest of the way'. No we hadn't, we'd just done it again without realising it.

When we eventually arrived in the heart of things we were very impressed with Antibes, especially the Old Town. It was nicer than we expected, the further we walked the better it got, though tourists weren't very welcomed near the yachts in the marina area. One of the yachts moored just off the coast looked like one of Roman Abramovich's, this particular one has a pretty distinctive shape. It's coming to something when a Russian Oligarch owns more boats than our Royal Navy these days.

Everywhere we went yacht crews were busy sprucing up their multi-million pound charges, presumably for the arrival of their owners to party around the Monte Carlo scene for the forthcoming Monaco Grand Prix. 

Lunch was good value at a snack bar which the locals used. In all it cost us about €12, which is pretty good value. We always try and dive down the back streets to eat in such places. We're not the sort of people to spend hard earned money in fancy eats establishments.

The Chef liked Antibes so much she fancies going back there again for a second look, no doubt we will, only next time we'll leave the cameras behind and have a relaxing day, and we'll stay on the bus for another two stops.

When we got back 'home' we popped down to the supermarket for some bits including chicken pieces, legs by the look of it, couldn't find breast with the skin on, and beef burgers so that we could have our first  BBQ of the trip.

By about 18:40 we were starting to send up smoke signals from our pitch. Fortunately the wind was calm and so it didn't waft around in any particular direction.

This evening I went to replace the videotape cassette in the video camera and it's playing up, refusing to close with the new tape in it. So now that's another problem to add to the list.

Tomorrow will be an odds and ends day and maybe book a couple of bikes for the day since we didn't bring our own folders with us.