29. May, 2016


SATURDAY 28-05-16

Today was a bit of a nothing day. The weather was nice and sunny though it did forecast cloud later on. With this in mind we popped to our local supermarket for a few bits of shopping, had lunch and then wandered down to the beach. We were lucky enough to bag one of the beach umbrellas which became vacant right near us soon after we arrived..... on boring days, it's the little things in life that count.

We lay there having a read watching all the fit young things frying in the hot sunshine before giving up and making our way back.

The campsite is much quieter than we expected it to be. A number of happy campers have left but have not been replaced, yet despite that it's still a nightmare trying to get online.

We've a miserable, wet day to look forward to tomorrow before things settle down for a number of hot sunny days, which will be enough for us to undertake our other visits and activities.