30. May, 2016


MONDAY 30-05-16

Today was to be a day trip to St Tropez. We thought that the wisest thing to do was to pop around the corner to the Tourist Information Office and find out how we make the trip. It was not good news. The first option was by train and bus. This would have involved us in taking a bus to Cagnes-sur-Mer in the wrong direction to where we wanted to go, then catching a train at 07:40 to Saint-Raphael, arriving about an hour later. From there we had to catch a bus to St Tropez. Option two was a bus to Juan Les Pins, then get a boat across to St Tropez. All in all a long day at a cost of about €100 return for each of us. That's a lot of money to see nothing too unique. After a great deal of work by the young lady in the Tourist Office we decided to give it a miss and will instead visit St Tropez when we leave here. There is an Aire there, so provided we can get on to it, we have free accommodation whilst we go take a look.

Instead we decided to fill the day with our second visit to Antibes. For just €1 each we were on the bus and about twenty minutes later arrived at the bus station. The pressure was off us, we'd been before and this time we could just amble at leisure.

There are lots of Brits and Yanks in town, we even saw a group playing 'Follow my leader' behind a tour guide, so I guess there is a Yank cruise ship somewhere in the area.

It was very hot today, the temperature reaching about 30°C, which is hot enough for most people. In the end we gave up and made our way back to the bus station.

On our return to the campground I wandered up to the indoor pool to try and take a picture, but it was shut, and so I'll try and get a picture tomorrow.

This evenings meal was pizza and salad. Soon after our meal I got chatting to our new next door neighbours, two really nice girls from the Somerset area. We had a good old chinwag because they had bought a small MPV-sized motorhome and were regretting it. They had noticed our vehicle and were quite envious of what it offered and so I offered them a look round.

Tomorrow will be a rest day, with a bit of shopping followed by a bit of frying down on the beach followed by a BBQ back at 'base camp'.

On Wednesday we now plan to make our trip to Menton, just one stop beyond Monaco on the train. When we approached the area last year on our way back from Slovenia, we looked down and Menton looked lovely, so we quite look forward to it. The trip was originally planned for this coming Friday but the weather may turn a bit iffy by then.