31. May, 2016


TUESDAY 31-05-16

We woke to a lovely bright, sunny, warm day, far better than the folk back home did. I wonder when Global Warming will reach East Anglia?

There were no plans as such today. We did some chores, washing, ironing and cleaning etc, as well as sitting outside soaking up the sunshine under the shady trees and reading. I have now finished my book on the Submarine Service during the Cold War and have today started 'Broken Vows' an insight in to the government of Tony Blair. I'm sure there'll be nothing in it which is of any surprise, but it should make interesting and very frustrating reading.

I finally managed to take my photo of the interior of the campsite swimming pool this morning, it has a roof which can be rolled back on tracks, though the staff seem not to bother doing so, preferring to let the guests cook in a very, very hot environment.

This morning we had a wander down to our local supermarket, a vast place which sells everything, well everything except things like Cheddar and Red Leicester cheese. The mid morning aroma of French sweaty armpits almost took my breath away, yet somehow I was grateful, as it kept the flies off the fruit and veg.

Afterwards we wandered over to the supermarket garage where I chatted to the lady in the payment kiosk there regarding my re-filling of one of our gas cylinders. We've had it refilled before but it's always been done either at home by a small taxi firm who sell the gas, or by jolly good chaps on garage forecourts in the Balkans, I've never had to fill one myself. But I can duck the issue no longer. On Thursday I must take the cylinder up there and attempt to fill it. Fortunately the fire station is just round the corner, between us and the supermarket, so help will soon be at hand should things go wrong.

After lunch we walked down the road to watch the locals play petanque, it seems to be a ritual there every Tuesday afternoon. We were hoping to get some understanding of how the game is played, but no, we remain as ignorant of how to play petanque as they do of playing cricket.

This afternoon The Chef took herself off to the beach, I declined the invitation as it was really quite hot (approaching 30 degrees C) and I was concerned that I would fry out there in the sun. I have always burned very easily, being fair skinned and haired, well it was fair before it went silver let's put it that way.

This evening we had another BBQ. I'm sure it must be healthier eating since so much fat is left behind in the cooking process rather than having being eaten, but that knowledge doesn't help when it comes to scrubbing everything clean.

Tomorrow we are off to Menton, one stop beyond Monaco on the train. We were planning to go there later in the week having given the Grand Prix fans a chance to begger off home before our visit. However it looks as if Thursday and Friday may be a bit wet in the afternoons and so we've bought it forward to tomorrow.

I am hopeful that the new video camera will be able to talk to the laptop which has the editing software and performance to be able to produce video clips, I will have to wait and see. I may well have a play with the Menton shots tomorrow evening and see what happens.