10. Jun, 2016


THURSDAY 09-06-16

The wind got up during the night with quite strong gusts, but I suppose that is just a peculiarity of the weather around the mountains hereabouts. The Chef had a rough night, lots of cramps probably due to her salts being low after shaking off her cold.

The morning was blue skies, warm, with the birds twittering, truly lovely, and it was already clear that today would be another hot one. I ambled up to the shower block for a lovely hot shower, something you don't always get at campsites, warm, yes, but not always hot. Better still I had the block all to myself so didn't hurry to get out. The Chef wasn't going to bother with a shower first thing as we had decided to spend some time beside the swimming pool this morning and soak up some sunshine.

Rosina said she felt that Camping Provence Vallée, here in Manosque, was the most restful site we'd stayed at on this trip and I had to agree. As far as we are aware we are paying €13pn plus 80 cents tourists tax and that includes electricity and 30 minutes free Wi-Fi a night. It's great value and just the sort of campsite we like. Breakfast for me was yet more Weetabix, I'm trying to help The Chef eat up the load we bought with us, as they are difficult to come by over here. To me it's like chewing a straw brick but at least they're inoffensive.

Down to the swimming pool we went armed with sunscreen, reading matter and a beach towel. We had it all to ourselves from 10:00 when it opened until 12:00 when we thought we'd give up until later, as it was getting pretty hot. The day was to top 30°C.

When we got back to the motorhome I decided to walk up to the shower block and have a quick shower as I had briefly braved the pool to cool down a bit. So it was that simple, stood under the shower dressed in swimming trunks and flip-flops, turned the tap off and stepped out to dry naturally, just like a dog, though I didn't shake from side to side.

Then it was back to base to sit in my reclining chair in the sunshine to finish drying off. How nice it was to sit there in warm, wet, trunks knowing that it wasn't due to an 'accident'. Which reminds me - the day we went for a walk from Villenueve-Loubet to Cagnes-sur-Mer whilst at the seaside last week, I had the overwhelming desire to spend a penny. I have never been anywhere that made it almost impossible for people to do so unless they spend money in a bar or restaurant. We did come across automatic loo machines on the seafront which charged thirty cents to use them. We didn't have the right change, and so put in two twenty-cent coins, but no, it wasn't the right money, it kept both of the coins, refusing to give me either change or access. That's why we had to cut our walk short, with few photographs taken, though further down the road in a small public park, behind a medium sized tree, a large patch of weeds are now wilting. After that experience I now carry with me two twenty-cent coins and two ten-cent coins, for such eventualities in future. I refer to it as my 'wee money'.

Lunch was the remainder of the barbecued chicken fillets from last night. Had we known, we could have shared one between us, as there was so much meat on them. I squirted sweet and sour sauce over mine, delicious, washed down with a lager shandy.

This afternoon was a bit wasted, we never got down to the pool again, The Chef sat frying in the sun on our pitch then took herself indoors for a lie down.

This evenings meal was a ham salad, The Chef having hers with lots of salt because she had yet to increase her salt intake today, washed down with a drop of liquid grapes, just so that I can get in my five-a-day.

I tried to upload today's rubbish down at Reception using my free thirty-minute slot, but for some reason the system seems to think I've had it already and won't let me back on until midnight.

We then took ourselves down to the petanque pitch for a game of big boys marbles. It would be so nice to understand how the game is played properly, fortunately nobody passed by to stand and watch us thinking we knew what we were doing.

Over on the other side of the swimming pool is a seating area which had about thirty noisy young men sat drinking, and preparing a barbecue. I'm sure they're not camping on site, but are friends of the young couple who manage it.