11. Jun, 2016


FRIDAY 10-06-16

Oh dear that was a noisy night. The Chef, though much better, still insists on giving me her impression of a farmyard pig, never mind, she's nearly over it. Added to that, and much more annoying was the noise from the group of young men down near the campsite entrance and pool. They didn't settle down until 01:00.  I was up showered and fed in time to have a word with them down at Reception when they opened at 09:00. The chap there apologised if they caused us a disturbance. It seems they are all firemen, currently participating in some kind of big fireman's rugby tournament, and they're staying in the luxury tents halfway up the campsite. He says they should be gone tomorrow morning. I do hope so, big ego's with big mouths and beer don't mix. Whilst there, a couple called in and picked up a fresh baguette, it seems they'll take orders and get them delivered, so I ordered a couple, which will take the pressure of us having to find some in the village or using up our stock of part-baked ones.

This morning we decided we needed some exercise and to get off the campsite. We were going to walk the claimed 1.2 kilometres in to the town of Manosque. We were in need of a fresh baguette and fresh milk, something not too easy to come by in France strange as it may seem. So armed with my backpack, a shopping bag folded up inside it, the pocket camera and my wee money, we set off down the road. It was already getting hot, still mustn't complain, it certainly beats the rain. The downhill walk was probably longer than claimed, taking us thirty minutes.

What a surprise it was, there was no clue as to what lay up the hill and around the corner. It was a lovely small town with an Old Town at the heart of it. Very touristy with lots of lovely shops. We found a boulangerie easily enough, one of many, The Chef also purchased a couple of bits of fresh salad before later on discovering much nicer produce in greengrocers shops. Never mind, like I tell her, 'You've got to work with what you've got'. Despite enquiring at the Tourist Office the purchase of fresh milk eluded us, not one mini supermarket anywhere in the town. The Chef was feeling the strain a bit, but buying a bottle of cold water helped to refresh her. We decided to call it a day and return to the campsite, trying to walk in the shade where possible.

Upon our return we were greeted by amplified music from the large patio area outside the Geriatric Nursing Home just further up the campsite from us and over the fence. The performers sounded like a female singer who couldn't sing, and a trumpet/saxophone player with arthritic fingers and a haired lip, supported by taped backing music. They fell in to a category between being slightly too good to be pelted with rotten fruit but too bad for a place on 'Britain's Got Talent', yup that bad. But I suppose the punters were not in a position to get up and walk out, they were pretty much a captive audience.

After both doing a bit of hand washing The Chef went for a lie down leaving me to have it as background noise whilst getting on with other bits and having a short nap in the sunshine. The performance, if you could call it that, finally ended about 16:00, no doubt leaving some of the old folk who endured it concluding that old age isn't necessarily a good thing.

Around about 17:00 the fireman returned, and after changing took themselves off down to the pool.

This evenings offering from The Chef was a good old fry-up with fresh crusty bread, but sadly no wine as I don't suppose it really goes with it. I had to settle for a cup of tea.

Surprisingly enough two things happened. Firstly the firemen disappeared from the campsite having first had a really good practice with a couple of trumpets, and then we had a spell of light rain. The rain meant that it was unlikely the firemen on their return would want to sit outside in the area which had been prepared for them with a large-screen TV and external speakers, so because they were off site we got some peace.

The evening ended with us watching three episodes of 'Only Fools & Horses'.

The booklet I picked up from Tourist Information says there is a market in Manosque town all day tomorrow, so I think we'll go down there and take a look at it - and try again to find some fresh milk.