20. Jun, 2016


MONDAY 20-06-16

We awoke to a lovely clear sunny morning, which was so nice after the weather of the past couple of days. We have new neighbours, a young couple from Adelaide escaping the Australian winter, though as yet, not quite succeeding.

We decided that today we would walk through Lauterbrunnen Valley to the cable car station at Stechelberg. From there it was to be a cable car ride to Gimmelwald, then one more to Mürren. This would position us way above our valley with a view of the mountains. From there we would walk back along the skyline before taking a cable car back down to Lauterbrunnen.

We were going to take a pack-up lunch, so my first chore, with dressing gown on, was to fetch the electric oven indoors so that we could finish off two part-baked baguettes.

Having had a shower I went to hang my towel in the drying room for a bit, to find some utter Muppet had taken up about half the hanging space in there with their nylon tent, in two parts, inner and outer, draped over the rails. I ask you, it's nylon, it's quick drying, it won't rot, you really don't need to hang it in a drying room for the night. That's a point - where then, did they sleep last night?

We were off and strutting down the valley, me with my walking boots on and The Chef with her trainers. It was a lovely walk, and today, for a change, walkers coming the other way made the effort to say 'hello' in whichever language or way they chose which was nice, and as it should be.

On arrival at the cable car station we purchased two tickets to Mürren. We managed to get a few pictures and video shots on the way up. Mürren was as lovely as ever providing breathtaking views of the Eiger, Mönch, Jungfraujoch (to where we will be catching a train to the highest railway station in Europe, at a mere £100 return each) and Jungfrau.

It was truly lovely up there. We found a spot to sit and have lunch before making our way along the top of the valley following the marked signs. Well that is until we were past Winteregg railway station (yup, the Swiss will put a railway anywhere). At the fork in the pathway, the right fork should have read 'To Lauterbrunnen for those who are stupid enough to want to walk all the way down', and the Left fork should have read 'To Grütschalp, where you can get the cable car down to Lauterbrunnen' - we took the right fork.

Our descent took a long time down a fairly steep path covered in hardcore and chippings, with continuous 'S' bends in it. About three quarters of the way down The Chef slipped over on the loose chippings, cutting her knee. Her legs were giving out on her towards the end, and it's little wonder, instead of a fairly easy and manageable first day out, we had ended up with a hike down 2,700ft of pathway. In all I think we had been walking about four and a half to five hours today. Nearing the end of the downward trek The Chef asked "Why do we always do things the hard way?" I didn't reply, it's just something I've learned to live with.

As we approached the campsite The Chef was doing just the worst John Wayne impression ever, but she managed it, and collapsed in to her chair outside the motorhome when we got back to our pitch. After a nice long rest she recovered, whilst I fired up the barbie so that I could burn some chicken drumsticks and British sausages.

It's a lovely evening here, and I believe it's going to be a nice day again tomorrow, but I fear The Chef will want a 'Geriatrics Rest Day', but I can't blame her, I'm feeling stiff myself, and that hasn't happened for a while.