23. Jun, 2016


THURSDAY 23-06-16

We were up just after 07:00, intent on undertaking our planned hike from Kleine Scheidegg up in the mountains which we would reach by train, and which is the staging post for the final leg of the train journey up to Jungfraujoch, across the base of the north face of the Eiger, then down in to Grindelwald, then a train back, whilst it was reasonably cool.

We had decided to travel as light as possible, not even taking a lunch with us. Whilst The Chef was doing bits I got the job of going up to Reception to buy the tickets for our trip to Jungfraujoch tomorrow morning. Now I should never be sent shopping. I always come back with more than I should, the wrong thing, or something more expensive, as was the case with the tickets. I was sent with the cash to buy two tickets, straight up, then straight down, but for just an extra twenty Swiss Francs I secured a train ride back on a different route, basically a circular tour, still it will make a nice day out.

As we left the campsite The Chef questioned the wisdom of our planned hike, it would be long, with no shade, on what was being forecast to be a stinking hot day. I agreed and so instead I suggested we go in search of the waterfall she wanted to see at the bottom of the valley here. It was a long haul walking down towards the cable car station where we had taken the rides up to Murren days ago. We could feel the sun on the backs of our necks, it was all rather hard work. At the cable car station we rested before hiking beyond it in to what was for us, new territory. In the end we had to concede that it was too far to walk, and there was no alternative means of transport to reach it.

We made our way back down the track to the Postbus stop and caught the bus back in to Lauterbrunnen. The fare back down the valley cost us a staggering £4 each. We had travelled further in France for fifty cents, about forty pence. We decided that as we had come out with no lunch to save weight, we would treat ourselves, so in to the Co-op shop in the village and straight to the frozen food compartment. Out came a bag of frozen chips, a good buy at about £4. Back at the campsite the oven went on and The Chef cooked part baked baguettes and half the chips. So we ended up with a 'chip butty' with Tomato sauce. Oh what a treat. This afternoon has been spent hanging around soaking up a little bit of sun, and spending the rest of the time trying to keep out of it. I stuck the meat thermometer out in the sun for about thirty seconds and it registered 31°C. What made it so uncomfortable was there was just no air, no breeze at all.

Never mind, we survived it and enjoyed a barbecue this evening with the added bonus of more frozen chips. That's all of them gone now, back to healthyish eating tomorrow, or the day after.

Tomorrow we will be up at 05:00 in order to be at Lauterbrunnen railway station to catch the 07:00 train up to Kleine Scheidegg, then change trains and up to Jungfraujoch.