28. Jun, 2016


MONDAY 27-06-16

We beat most folk to the shower block this morning as we intended to catch the 09:20 bus in to Colmar. This was in the hope that we could see as much of the town as possible before it got too hot to be comfortable. All this is part of our 'Plan B' since leaving Switzerland four days ahead of schedule.

We intended to eat our lunch out as a treat, so my backpack was just that bit lighter. During the journey we hadn't realised we needed to change buses to reach the exact part of Colmar we wanted, but never mind, we were in no hurry.

The medieval town of Colmar was very picturesque, and as a result, very touristy, though getting there that bit earlier helped us to see it before it got too busy.

When it came to lunchtime we ended up doing our usual, a filled baguette from a supermarket costing a fraction of what we would have paid at a restaurant. It's not that we're mean, and I suppose this is where the difference comes between a fortnights holiday and an extended one. If you're going away for a couple of weeks you push the boat out a bit, after all you're only away for a short time, so why not? For longer trips, unless you're loaded, the mentality needs to change. Take that burger and chips lunch we had back in Nice, €31 including a small beer, about £24. Now if we were to have just one such lunch a week for the entire 11 weeks we're away, that would total £264, just for a burger and chips once a week. Sorry but I don't consider that a treat worth paying that much for. But for a fortnight's holiday a treat like that once a week, £48 - Luvverly Jubberly.

Back at the campsite The Chef had observed how so many other people had been sat out at lunchtime eating and watching the world go by. "Yes" says I, "But they were at a restauarnt. we sat outside and had our lunch, but from where we sat we got to watch the traffic go by".

Whilst in Colmar I bought some cheap (70p for 4) spiced frankfurters in the hope I could tempt the storks out of their nests at the campsite for a few pictures. I cooked them for the required three minutes, then cut them in to small pieces before scattering them around the pitch. All I can say is that not even the flies would settle on them, never mind the storks.

Whilst sat outside the motorhome soaking up the sunshine something was niggling me. I was sure I'd come up with something groundbreaking, something that would equal that chap with the apple................ no not William Tell, the other chap..............Jobs................Steve Jobs.

It was only the other day that I noticed my wrap-around sun glasses really enhanced the 3D effect of what I was looking at, to the extent that they were sending my eyes a bit squiffy. So in to the motorhome I went, set up the TV, then the DVD player, then I put a DVD on, then turned up the brightness, then put on my wrap-around sunglasses to view the 3D effect. But no, the sunglasses may enhance a natural 3D effect, but when presented with a 2D TV picture it won't turn it in to 3D. So that's another multi-million pound idea down the pan.

Tonight we enjoyed a chicken curry washed down with a bottle of Alsace white wine. When in Alsace, drink Alsace wine, that's what I say.