28. Jun, 2016


TUESDAY 28-06-16

Today we were leaving the campsite at Turckheim, which is a very nice spot, handy for the pretty village and a bus ride in to Colmar.

Yesterday evening we were joined on the pitch across from us by a large coach, all black with blacked out windows. Can't remember the website address on the outside of it now but The Chef looked them up on the internet and it looks as if a dedicated crew take the vehicle around wherever, and provide facilities for celebrities at gigs. We overheard one of the crew say they'd just come from Glastonbury, but didn't hear where they were now heading for. Online the list of celebrities who have used the companies facilities is quite impressive.

As we are currently using very little water on a daily basis since the Chef does her washing-up over at the block and we both shower over there, I decided to dump all of our remaining freshwater in the tank and replace it, so that we knew it would then all be fresh.

We were heading to a place called Obernai, southwest of Strasbourg. Don't ask me why though, I think it was a way of killing a bit of time before entering Der Farderland to drive along the Mosel Valley. We had decided that as we weren't far from it, we'd visit Ribeauville on the way. This is a village famous for having Storks in nests on the roofs of houses, so we thought that would be worth seeing since we hadn't seen so many over the past couple of days.

On arriving at the village we were quite hopeful as surrounding the large public car park (GPS:N48.191795 E7.325753) there were about four nests of storks, two of which were on the roof of the Fire Station. Surely with so many in such a small area there would be lots more within the village. Wrong! I think we saw just one more nest in the centre of the village. Never mind, it gave us another opportunity to see medieval houses painted with such a variety of colours they looked like a Dulux chart.

The one thing I couldn't understand was why the one and only narrow road through the village hadn't been made a pedestrian-only zone, visitors were vying for space along with lots of cars travelling along the road slowly trying not to hit anybody.

We tried to hang it out, but eventually concluded we should buy a fresh baguette and have lunch in the car park before setting off for Obernai.

We arrived at the Municipal Campsite (GPS: N48.46471º E7.46757º) at about 14:00, having had a bit of a navigation problem in that the co-ordinates given didn't quite match the actual location. Never mind, we found it, nothing special at all but we'll stay here for two nights before moving north.

Once set up I went online to catch up on any news. I saw that Iceland had given England a bit of a thrashing in the football. I'm not at all surprised. The problem is our players are paid far too much, and having been playing professional football at the highest level since late last summer, they're tired, and would rather be enjoying the short respite between seasons at their private villas etc, soaking up the sunshine and resting with their families. You can't blame them really, I bet having been thrashed last night every single one of them was on a plane this morning heading for where they'd rather be spending the summer. I don't think they're crap necessarily, even Wayne Rooney with the one brain cell between his ears seems to be able to function of sorts, it's just that with all their millions in the bank and their familes and WAGS waiting for them back home they lack motivation.

Tomorrow we will be looking around Obernai before setting off on Thursday morning, the day we would have left Switzerland, heading for Der Farderland.

Apologies for the entry for 19-06-16. I uploaded it in to the wrong place, I think a photo or two may be right, but then I lost the internet connection and from there it all went downhill. I only spotted it this morning. I don't know how to relocate the entry, and so have deleted it.