4. Jul, 2016


SUNDAY 03-07-16

We up in good time because we had told the mobile campsite assistant, the best way I can describe him, that we would be leaving the site at 10:00, the time the Reception Office opened. That way he knew to be at our pitch before then to read our electricity meter and pass it on to the office.

We were looking forward to leaving the site, it wasn't nice at all, and grossly overpriced for what we got. This morning rather than pay even more for a shower we settled on a wash. I was determined to spend tonight at a campsite with proper facilities, unless we passed a lesser facility which we like the look of, but on current form that was unlikely.

Off we went heading towards Ernst, near Cochem. It started to rain, then it rained, then it rained. We kept trundling along, with me pulling in regularly to let others past. There were lots of campsites along the banks of the Mosel river, but they were stuffed full of caravans with awnings and all on nice soft grass. We were not going to stop on any of those, but unfortunately the areas allocated to motorhomes we passed were always full. We just couldn't pull in anywhere. Next thing, having already passed through Ernst in the blink of an eye, we were in Cochem, a very nice looking place, but the best we could do is pull in to two marked car parking spaces on the side of the road and have an early lunch. Naturally it was raining but I did manage to get out and photograph the castle up on the hill. It was originally built in the 11th century, but was destroyed by French soldiers in 1689. The present castle was rebuilt in the 19th century.

I said to The Chef, "If you want I'll turn round and try to park up somewhere for the night, like everybody else seems to be doing", but she said "No, I think we should just keep driving" So next thing it was Koblenz, basically the end of the tourist trail of the Mosel Valley (I'm having to change the spelling of Moselle to Mosel - you'd think with them living here they'd know how to spell it properly).

Koblenz is where the Mosel River flows in to the River Rhine, and is, according to the guide books, one of Germany's most beautiful places. Hard to imagine, given that they've got Bavaria. We didn't see it, as we were by then, up on the motorway heading towards Remagen.

Onward we went, not by choice, we were already further north than we anticipated being today but there's just not been anywhere suitable to park up, or pretty enough to warrant enduring another substandard campsite.

And here we are - Camping Golden Meile in Remagen (GPS: N50.575801 E7.251364),I'm assuming that translates in to 'Golden Mile', yet there's no sandy beach or donkeys. It's an expensive campsite right on the side of the Rhine. (Since discovered there's a Camperstop next door GPS: N50.976580 E7.247576)

Late afternoon we went for a walk to look at the Remagen Bridge, or rather what's left of it. More of that tomorrow, but right now I want to 'manage your expectations'.

This evenings meal was Penn with a cheese sauce and salad, washed down with a drop or two of liquid grapes. The Chef has abstained for the past few days leaving more for me. Well I did leave her the Weetabix and endured chocolaty muesli instead, fair's fair.