20. Feb, 2017


SUNDAY 19-2-17

During the night I got up and turned the gas boiler on, just on a low setting as I was feeling a bit cool. This morning all became clear. There was ice on the outside of our two roof vents and the large curved roof window at the front of the vehicle. The windscreen internally was ringing wet. Never mind, it meant we had a good supply of hot water with which to scrub up.

We were keen to get back on the road again and reach our destination. Being Sunday the road was fairly quiet and we were able to enjoy the views during the periods when we were not hampered by heavy mist, presumably as a result of the lovely sunshine in a clear blue sky burning off the dampness.

True to form the 'Snooper' satnav was proving to be a nuisance. Its screen has frozen on a  number of occasions on this trip, the last one causing us to miss our turning on to the toll road at Sagunt, near Valencia which was to take us close to Benicassim. After some choice words I rebooted it whilst still driving and got us back on track.

As we approached Benicassim we seemed to have two options, firstly to find somewhere to park the motorhome for twenty-four hours until we could book in on our expected date, or go straight to the campsite, Camping Bonterra Park (GPS: N40.056967º E0.074650º) and see if they could accept us early. This we did and we now sit on a temporary pitch without electricity as it didn't seem worth the hassle to get them to connect us for just one night.

We have already chosen our pitch for the duration of our stay starting tomorrow. They are really quite busy and so we weren't spoilt for choice. There is currently a UK motorhome on the pitch we're after, and it's due to leave sometime tomorrow. Once they've gone, we're straight in there. It will be nice to get sorted and settled.

This evening we pushed the boat out and ate a Sunday roast up at the campsite restaurant. Two dinners plus a drink each and a tip - €17, not bad I thought. In fact we may well make it a weekly treat which will give The Chef a break. I know I spoil her, but I just can't help myself.

Now campsites like these often host groups and rallies. In fact there is a flock of sheep from the Caravan Club due here in about four weeks, more about them nearer the time no doubt. This evening in the restaurant we were joined by two D.I.C.K.'s. I'm guessing they were the Group leader and his wife from the Deutschland Indecisive Camping Klub.

First they sat at the table next to us and the window. We greeted each other, and then about two minutes later they got up and sat at the next table along. Three minutes or so later, up they got again and moved to a table next to the bar and cigarette vending machine. I tell you the management are going to need a very big butterfly net to round that lot up if they stop taking their medication.