20. Feb, 2017


MONDAY 20-2-17

Last night was a bit restless. I lay in bed listening to the mandatory dog which continuously barks somewhere out there in the community. This was interspersed with the sound of bumping and thumping and banging as caravanning neighbours returned from the bar and restaurant to turn their sofas in to beds. You'd think they'd have worked it out that it would be better for everyone if they made the beds up before they went out.

We were greeted this morning with a lovely blue sky and sunshine. It's that sun which makes all of us feel better.

After scrubbing up and breakfast I went to check on the progress of the UK motorhome who was due to vacate his pitch today. The problem on this campsite is that folk don't have to vacate their pitches until 17:00 and new arrivals  can't move on until after that time, so he has every right to stay there most of the day.

It was a long walk all the way over to that pitch but success, he had moved off. Back I went, and within minutes we were slowly driving around the site to locate to our new long-term pitch.

We spent two or three hours creating 'base camp' with the folding bikes readied for use and chained to the rear towbar assembly. We also lay a large mat down in front of the habitation door as we find this helps to prevent stone chippings from being trodden in to the vehicle, not only that it prevents the chippings scraping the paint off the bottom of the folding chair frames.

Whilst The Chef was sunning herself this afternoon I popped over to the supermarket which is right opposite the campsite entrance where  I splashed out on three different brands of bottled wine, costing a total of about £7. I've no idea what they will taste like, and there's only one way to find out.

On my return I repaired the aluminium wine container with some epoxy resin to cover the leak, so hopefully that will be successful.

Then it was off to sort out some Wi-Fi which unfortunately is not free here. Still at eighteen euros for thirty days it's reasonably priced.

Our next door neighbours from Welsh Wales told us about the excursions they run from the campsite, one every two weeks. The destinations include Valencia and Peniscola which is north of here, and somewhere I fancy taking a look at. Originally we had planned to go to Valencia on the train, but this means we have to cycle (it would be a very long walk) to the railway station, where hopefully they provide facilities to lock the bikes up before getting on the train. We were both thinking about two one-day visits there. That's not to say we won't still do it on the train, but if we can get there by coach on the first attempt it would be helpful.

We had a technical problem this evening as The Chef tripped out the electrics. We don't normally have a problem using our two single hotplates to cook on, but clearly there's a problem using them here. This is doubly annoying as I purchased two individual induction hobs which are far more efficient, but they were taken off after the trip down this way two years ago. Well guess what? When we get back home they're coming  back onboard to stay.

We have enjoyed a lovely warm sunny day, though once the sun goes down the temperature plummets. I now have to hope that the ceramic electric fan heater we carry with us doesn't trip the electrics out as well.

Tomorrow we plan to go for a nice bike ride around the local area.

Depending on how it goes I may not upload an entry for every day. I'll see.