25. Feb, 2017


SATURDAY 25-2-17

Fortunately we are back to normal with the weather, waking up to a lovely sunny day, though a bit cool until about 10:00.

Today was to be chores day. We are quite strict in such matters. The vehicle is thoroughly aired every day no matter what the weather, and it is stripped out and thoroughly cleaned every week. We have to do that living in such a confined space. Tidiness and cleanliness are very important.

The Chef set about the bathroom whilst I sorted out the rear garage area, it had got in to a bit of a state since we'd arrived. Then it was a spray round with 'Mr Sheen' followed by my having all the carpet and mats out for a good clean and hoovering whilst The Chef went shopping for a few bits.

On the floor we choose to use the fitted carpets. This is for comfort and insulation. Without them stones which get picked up on the bottom of shoes from the hard standing surface on the pitches would tread in to the wooden flooring and do a great deal of damage. In order to keep the carpet clean and protected I bought a few metres of the clear plastic carpet protector used in hallways. It is ribbed on the top surface and has tiny spikes on the underside for grip. Cut to the size and shape of the carpet pieces it works a treat.

I also managed to get my hand washing done and hung up on our newly erected washing line strung between two tree trunks on the edge of the pitch. As the length of the washing line is limited The Chef and I will wash our bits on different days.

After all that we were able to sit and relax and enjoy the sunshine. The two German couples behind us are a bit noisy when they talk. When I'm lying there I can Imagine being an Extras in a war movie. Mind you they're not nearly as annoying as the yapping canine rat one of them has. Last night I dug 'Henry Horn' out and he is now on active standby to clear the wax out of the rats ears.

This afternoon was bedlam over near the swimming pool area. We've had this before when staying here. The campsite has chalets for rent, and at weekends, Spanish kids don't play quietly.

This evenings meal was fish and chips purchased across the road in the supermarket and baked in our portable electric oven. The fish was battered hake. I've never had it before. It was ok, but I wouldn't rush to buy it again, but that's just me.

Rather than sit in this evening we decided to have a walk in to town to see what the night life was like. Not only are we pleased we did but also that I took along the little pocket camera. There in the main street of town was the Carnival, and why? Because it's Carnival Weekend, and that's reason enough. What a lovely surprise it was. We remembered coming across it two years ago when we were here.

The Spanish certainly know how to enjoy themselves and it was a lovely family evening out. There were so many kiddies involved in it watched and photographed by so many proud parents. I was trying so hard not to get in the way of any pictures or videos they were taking. It's a shame I didn't take along the SLR camera. The sodium lighting was playing havoc with the little camera. Never mind we got a few pictures. Afterwards we had a wander down some of the side streets. It is so much livelier than when we see it during the daytime, lots of bars, cafes and restaurants, many of which are really busy, the fact it's the weekend could have something to do with it.

Tomorrow we plan to go for a nice bike ride along the disused railway track which passes behind the campsite then out of town along the coast.