3. Mar, 2017


FRIDAY 3-3-17

We awoke to a cool, cloudy day, the first of a few I believe. Never mind it's still far better weather than if we were back home.

Today was destined to be a bit of a nothing day given the weather.

We took a walk towards the town, the first stop being the Chinese Shop. Such establishments are everywhere in Spain. They are the equivalent of our 'Cheap Jack' shops. They sell a huge range of goods but all of it made in China and by no means top quality, but good value never the less.

I was lucky enough to find a pair of joggie bottoms for about £6, now I've got something to slob about indoors with. Not only that, I bought a £1 bell for my bike. The bells on both our bikes are naff, so I thought I'd give a particular design a try before we fix The Chef up with one.

Then it was back towards the campsite and in to Lidl for some bits and pieces.

On entering the campsite I popped in to the Reception office to enquire about the water quality. Basically each pitch has a tap on it, and we have been drawing off that since we arrived here, but there is also a 'Drinking Water' tap up by the shower block. We were told that the tap at our pitch was untreated water, at first I was horrified, but untreated in this case meant that it was drawn from their wells and unchlorinated. I did explain that we had been using it for two weeks and were still alive. So there you go, no notices on the taps so you assume it's ok, but then to be fair it is ok, because it hasn't affected us at all, mind you we have installed an inline charcoal filter between the motorhome's onboard water tank and the kitchen tap. So we'll just have to make sure we use water from the 'Drinking Water' tap for drinks, and when we leave the campsite I'll drain the water tank completely and fill it with 'good stuff'.

It has been a very quiet day on the campsite today. I can only assume there has been an  excursion out for noisy people and yappy dogs. It's been just how it should be.

After lunch we wandered up to the Petanque area. There was to be a 'session' there at 14:00 and we thought we could perhaps pick up some pointers. This is now even more important having discovered that the copy of Petanque rules I printed off at home and put in an A4 binder is still sitting in the bookcase at home rather than in a cupboard onboard here. So annoying. If only somebody would produce a reasonably priced mini A4 printer I could carry one around and print off such items.

I have to say the folk up there were very normal and very friendly. They suggested we nip back and get our balls and join them, we thanked them, but explained we had only come to watch on our way to another session. We stayed for about half an hour, then thanked them, and told them we would be back on Monday armed with our balls and join them. We may yet get to understand this game of adult marbles.

Then it was off to the cookery demonstration. Actually it was the second such session of the day. The first was how to cook 'Paella Valencia', but as I don't do seafood and The Chef is allergic to shellfish there didn't seem much point in going to that one.

This one was 'Caramelised Bananas'. A bit of fun, and this time I was glad there was enough to go around to sample at the end.

Soon afterwards I got itchy feet and told the Chef I was going to get on my bike and go about a mile up the road to Camping Azahar and take a few photographs, something I should have done yesterday. I will therefore include them on today's posting, one day late - sorry.

We are thinking about moving on about 20th March. I think by then we'll have had enough, there's lots more to see and do over the horizon. It is much cheaper this time of year to remain in one place for a period of time. To get the discounts at campsites here in the winter, you have to stay at least 30 days, so apart from food and entertainment your costs are limited to just the daily campsite fee. Once you hit the road you can guarantee spending more on fuel than campsite fees and will not get the discounts along the way. That's when a bit of creativity comes in as to where you spend nights out on the road.

Tomorrow we are out for the day on a campsite excursion to Sagunto & Coves de Sant Josep. So that will get us off the campsite with perhaps a few photo opportunities.