6. Mar, 2017


MONDAY 6-3-17

I had to be up at a reasonably time this morning, Greenwich Meridian being just down the road or not. I needed to get some hand washing done as well as other chores.

In to the shower block for a scrub down followed by the usual two mini straw bricks for breakfast. Then it was my hand-washing, followed by draining the fresh water tank down and half filling it with treated drinking water. Then it was emptying the loo (wherever does it all come from) then we were both ready to walk in to town, me with my bike.

First I dropped the bike off at a recommended bike shop right at the other end of town (fortunately it's not a big town) to have the gears adjusted. The gears slip quite badly in third and some others depending on how the bike feels on the day.

Then it was off to a supermarket we rediscovered down a back street. Here I was to purchase probably the closest thing I would find in Spain to what I wanted - frozen cream , or so the label on the carton suggests. This was to be what I would pour over a portion of my Christmas Pudding, not eaten at Christmas, but instead transported here for consumption at leisure and in the sunshine.

Then it was a look around all the Chinese Shops that we passed as I was looking for something in particular, and which I have had no success in finding.

In to Lidl as we passed by for some bits and pieces including what turned out to be some delicious bread.

As we approached the campsite entrance and the Spanish equivalent of a 'Chance it if you Dare' zebra crossing right outside the Mercadona supermarket we had a three vehicle rear end shunt, all caused because the first vehicle pulled up earlier than expected at the zebra crossing to give way to a couple waiting to cross. Bang, Bang, and it was all over. Tailgating you see.

Back to the campsite to get my cream and other bits put away. By now the day was glorious and sunny, peaking this afternoon at 23C.

Time for a sit outside in the sunshine before lunch, consisting of that lovely fresh crusty baguette, filled with cucumber and ham and washed down with a small chilled beer.

This afternoon we were off to the 14:00 Petanque session. We took our balls together with a yellow plastic ring I had bought which is used for throwing onto the ground to identify where the balls will be thrown from. Nobody else had one and it proved very popular being borrowed by others all afternoon, resulting in my not getting to use it at all. I played with some very nice people who were very helpful in offering tips on how to throw the balls and advice on how to hit the jack. Hopefully when I finally get to look at the rules I printed off, but left behind at home they will make more sense.

It all started to drop off as we approached 'Happy Hour' down at the bar (16:00-18:00) though I can't say I blame the players for wanting a sharp half after two hours of effort.

Later I made my way back in to town to collect my bike, carrying my cycle helmet so that I could ride the bike back to save time. After a nice lie-down the shop owner opened at 17:30 enabling me to retrieve it. The owner said that the main problem was the quality of the bike, that crap like that would be prone to problems (only not in so many words). It has been a lesson learned, if we knew then what we know now we would have bought good second-hand folding bikes for the money we spent on new crap. Never mind, he had bent a bit straight (to be fair probably bent crooked by pushing and shoving to get both bikes to fit in to the motorhome rear garage along with everything else), and been down the road to test it and it seems fine. Five Euro's bless him, money well spent to have somebody tell me I'd bought crap and shouldn't have wasted my money buying it.

On arrival back at 'Base Camp' I ironed the bits and pieces I'd washed earlier, The Chef having bought them in off the line as the weather appeared to be changing quite quickly and not for the best.

Our next door neighbours from Welsh Wales are leaving tomorrow and are all packed and ready to roll, the huge added bonus being that the yap, yap, yapping bloody dog two rows ahead of us is also going home tomorrow with mummy and daddy as they are now all packed up and ready to go also.

Tomorrow we may well be going on a nice long bike ride, with me on my newly-adjusted piece of folding crap.