11. Mar, 2017


SATURDAY 11-3-17

A day of planned nothingness really. The weather forecast was good, and apart from having put our names down for the wine tasting session at 12:00 we had nothing much to do. True we could have done the housework, Saturday seems to be the day folk here do it, but we didn't want to waste a nice day doing chores. Tomorrow we are taking ourselves off for the day to Peniscola on the bus, and Monday and Tuesday is supposed to be heavy rain, so I think that would be a good time to do the menial stuff.

'Herman wif der Husky' continues to cover the front roof of his motorhome with jigsaw decaling. Der Husky continues to laze about in the sunshine, so all seems right with the world.

The Chef at the moment seems to be taking unofficial industrial action in that she won't thin my hair on top. I think the last time I asked her to cut it was a while ago, and her excuse then was that there were no hairdressing scissors on board - well there are now.

 The thing is, I went for a haircut just before we came away, but my hairdresser asked me if I wanted any more taken off the top. Well how the hell would I know. It's like when they obliterate your hair and then ask you where you want the parting. I'd love to have the courage to say 'In the same place as when I walked in', but we don't do that do we, us British? Anything for a quiet life. It's no better than being in a light aircraft and the pilot turning to you and saying 'Should I push the joystick forward a bit more do you think?' -  "You're the b***dy pilot mate, why ask me?".

And so to my hairdresser. I suppose I feel sorry for him, I bought his Guide Dog a squeaky toy back from our last trip, but clearly it didn't buy me any favours, my hair still got beggared up. This has resulted in my standing outside this morning with the dreaded thinning comb in my hand hacking away at it myself.

Before lunch we had the Wine Tasting session to attend at 12:00. I suggested to the Chef that she takes some money along in case we get caught for buying a bottle or two afterwards. It was held in an outside seating area at the rear of the restaurant. When booking in there was music playing in the bar and I said to the young lady running the session (there are two great Spanish lassies who run all the entertainment sessions between them). "I can hear music, I am not sure if I am here for dancing classes or wine tasting". It's nice to reassure them that it's not only Spanish men who are buffoons.

We were joined by a very nice couple from Clitheroe in Lancashire. We formed a team, up against 'The Rest', about six or seven of them. Two disguised bottles of wine, and we had to pick answers to a range of questions about each of them from a multi-guess sheet.

We lost by half a point, but considering The Chef and I, only got one out of a possible ten in the 'Wine' round of this week's 'Quiz Night' on Wednesday evening, I think we did pretty well between us all.

Back for lunch, more blue cheese and tomato in a lovely crusty baguette. If only Lidl sold blue cheese in smaller packets.

The first part of this afternoon was spent feeling a bit cool, as a sea mist, or fog, had moved in, something we hadn't seen here before. Eventually it cleared and we could get on with the business of doing  - well, nothing.

As I sat there trying to relax, my ears were full of either German being spoken (we are now almost completely surrounded by them) or dogs yap, yap, yapping. Not big ones, but the usual small, hairy-rat sort. There is one very annoying little sod on the pitch almost directly behind us. I would love to use 'Henry Horn' but I don't want to spook der Husky as that would be unfair.

I think I have the solution. If I come back here again I shall put myself forward for the role of 'Ring-Piece Ranger'. I will be funded by all the campers who don't have dogs and don't want to hear them any longer. I will scour the campsite looking for noisy dogs armed only with a portable gas powered red-hot blow torch. Any dog guilty of making other campers lives a misery gets it's ring-piece cauterised. That should improve matters considerably.

Tomorrow we will be up and out fairly early as we need to catch the bus to Peniscola, where I hope there will be more photo opportunities than we have had here today.