13. Mar, 2017


MONDAY 13-3-17

Last night was not the most exciting night of my life, in fact now I come to think of it, after nearly sixty eight years I'm still waiting for it.

We turned in at about 22:00. The awning was well lashed down so what could possibly go wrong?

As we lay there we could hear the awning flapping like mad and the wind getting under it and moving the motorhome about slightly. I knew I was never going to get to sleep worried about whether or not the awning would get damaged. I knew The Chef was lying there fretting as well. At just before 23:00 I said "Right lets go and get it in". That was it. The Chef was quickly dressed, and I stood there in my flip-flops, dressing gown and mac. I told her the cunning plan and in what order the jobs needed to be done. Then it was out in to the wind and rain. Rear garage door opened and out with the power drill. Four screw-in pegs loosened enough to get the straps off them and then collect them in to a wet bundle and thrown in to the back. Then it was upright legs folded in to their stowage positions followed by The Chef winding the awning in whilst I supported its weight as it went in. Unfortunately she couldn't quite get the right angle and so we swapped places. Within a few minutes the job was done. What a miserable night, I really don't recall the weather forecast predicting winds as strong as that. But at least we could get back to bed and not have to worry any more.

On occasions it's fortunate my bladder is a lighter sleeper than I am, so I was up, who knows what time. As I came out of the bathroom my foot felt as if it was standing in something wet. Then I looked up, and to my horror the forward skylight had blown open, it must have been left open on its lowest setting, where it can't be locked, and I hadn't noticed. We normally check such things before turning in. From its lowest setting the wind had obviously got under it and flipped it open to the upright position, the rain was pouring in.

So that was me for a while, using my bath towel to mop up the water and then turning on the electric fan heater to try and dry things out before morning.

Morning came and although it was still raining, the wind seemed to have dropped. It was tempting to have a lie-in as there was nothing much to get up for but I knew there'd be work involved regarding the rain getting in during the night.

Scrubbed up, I got stuck in to the few chores that could be done. Our microfibre bath towels couldn't be left outside to dry, and so they were pegged up in the bathroom where the fan heater went in to join them. Fortunately The Chef had left some clothing on the two seat sofa and that stopped a lot of rain getting on to the seating. There was a little though, as well as the back cushion being a bit wet, so they were next in line for drying. I don't know how much electricity we've used but the heater has been on most of the day. The final job was to have the carpet section up from underneath the dining table and get that dry.

We entertained ourselves with a bit of online Radio 2, though I'm not a big music fan. Take Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons'. Call me a philistine if you like, but I was pleased when they  broke up and the 'Four Seasons' became the backing group for Frankie Valli.

I have to say the day didn't get any better as we watched Nicola Sturgeon live on internet TV telling us that she'd managed to find another excuse for another Independence Referendum. Looking at her put me right off my lunch, it was no good, my Christmas Pudding would have to wait until this evening.

And so it was.The Chef produced a tasty chicken curry with rice, and I seized the opportunity to wrap a portion of Christmas pudding in a plastic bag and lay it in the pan of boiling water the bags of rice had just come out of. Warm Christmas Pudding with a dollop of Spanish cream, more like a sweet airy foam. Next time I'll use Greek Yoghurt.

Tomorrow we will buzz through the chores we couldn't get done today including housework and rolling the awning back out to dry as the forecast is for a cloudy morning and bright sunny afternoon.

We intend to get out tomorrow afternoon and do something, probably another bike ride, and I'll take the camera, a few pictures help to distract from the writing.