21. Mar, 2017


TUESDAY 21-3-17

Today was to have been a cloudy day, yet we awoke to the sight of it clearing to a blue sky.

We had a few odd jobs to do first thing, the idea being that we'd set off a bit later for a bike ride when it had warmed up a bit. Today we were to have another attempt at riding to Castellį½¹ de la Plana. The last time we rode that way we gave up just short of the port as The Chef was having saddle trouble. Today I was only going to carry the pocket camera as I was also to carry the fleece jackets, lunch and drinks.

We didn't set off until about 11:30 but we had all day. It was a nice steady ride. I think it helped because having done it before we knew how far it was and were mentally prepared. As always Lycraman was everywhere, speeding past us on the cycleway or heading towards us. Some do say that serious cyclists come here for the winter to train for the Tour de France, which I suppose would make sense, that's if they don't finish up in prison for maiming a pedestrian. They could try fitting bells to their bikes of course but having spent huge amounts on a carbon fibre bike, all the Lycra gear and an aerodynamic pointy helmet, they wouldn't want something like a bell to create drag and slow them down by 1,0000th of a mph.

The sun was shining gloriously and wasn't too warm, ideal for a little ride out of town. Fifty minutes or so later we arrived at the port having cycled alongside the promenade most of the way. Once there we rode up to the main road to find that we were just a couple of hundred yards beyond where we turned round last time, so we really did almost make it on that occasion.

We decided to have  a look around the port complex while we were there, and we were pleased that we did. It's a nice sociable place for people to visit. I'm sure that had we been riding full-sized bikes we could have continued inland on to Castellion, but these small folding bikes are harder to ride than a proper bike. Never mind we have to have folders so that we can get them as well as everything else in to the motorhome's rear garage storage area.

We sat and had our lunch in a small park outside what I believe is the Mustava Bin Liner mosque. Then it was a nice steady ride all the way back, though this time we were wearing our fleece tops as it was an almost head on cool breeze. It was certainly harder work than when we were going.

Part way back I stopped again at the airfield to take a few photographs of the groups of skydivers bundling in to a light aircraft to be whizzed up to an altitude suitable for jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft. In the early part of my NHS career I had to deal with a skydiver who's parachute didn't open properly causing him to hit the ground headfirst at 135mph, before bouncing and coming to an abrupt stop. Only his one-piece jumpsuit held him  together. I remember thinking then that if ever I had the time and money to take up a hobby - it wouldn't be skydiving.

When we returned to the campsite we both felt that we'd caught the sun, I think it was the headwind which burned us, still mustn't grumble, it's better than getting frostbite back home.

I see on the TV news that Martin McGuiness has died. Well at least he died peacefully unlike a lot of his victims when he was an IRA terrorist. I think it was our old mate Tony Blair who gave him respectability. What a deluded war criminal that man is.

Tomorrow I am going to pack the bikes away, making a start in preparing the vehicle for leaving here on Monday. We feel it's time to move on, it's all getting a bit samey now.