22. Mar, 2017



Yes I know, I'm sorry, but that's all I could get pictures of today.

We awoke to a nice warm sunny day, thought it did cloud up later on. Having scrubbed up my first job was to strip out the rear garage storage area and put the bikes away. Easier said than done of course, and not something which could be done in a hurry. If I ever needed to leave somewhere quickly then the bikes would just get left behind. What a game, never mind, they are now stowed away ready for our leaving on Monday for the touring element of the trip, and for us the most interesting and challenging. Though we may have been smitten by some buggerations thus far, I am sure they are as nothing compared with what lies ahead of us.

The Chef has now worked out what happened with the eggs she bought. Obviously she now knows that you can indeed buy boiled eggs in egg cartons just like 'proper' fresh eggs. My word, how the life of the busy housewife has changed, now even too busy to boil an egg. The secret is to spot the word 'Cosidos' on the top of the egg carton, this means 'cooked' and is not the trade name of the egg supplier. Furthermore, the cooked eggs have a shiny shell, presumably coated with something to prevent the porous shells from allowing the eggs to go 'off' too soon. In fact The Chef  has now mixed a box of raw eggs with shiny cooked eggs. Now that's confidence for you.

My brother Richard and his wife Sue left Denia for the UK early this morning and by now will be home in good old cold & miserable Blighty, but nevertheless, home.

We went up to the Petanque pitches for the 14:00 get-together.This was to be our last session here. We have decided to go in to Castellion on Friday as this week is their Magdelena Festival. It looks as if it runs a week behind the 'Fallas' celebrations elsewhere, and hopefully still involves spit-roasting horrid Spanish kids, or burning them on top of a bonfire.

Whilst we were playing Petanque the Caravan Club sheep began to arrive. These are the people who have paid about £1069 to rent a pitch here for a couple of weeks, have a get-together meal on Friday night in the restaurant, and go on about four excursions. I'm so glad that I didn't voice my opinions regarding the gullibility of such people, as we had been joined by, who turned out to be, the tour leader. He said there were thirteen units, two caravans and eleven motorhomes in the group. And they say there's no money about.

The Chef and I have been mulling over the Travel Script, otherwise known as the Cunning Plan, for when we leave here. It looks as if we'll be putting in additional destinations as we are leaving here earlier than planned. We'll leave here and head for Benidorm of all places, as it will give me the chance of an all-day English breakfast and the opportunity to visit Alicante on the train.

We have watched the BBC news to see the tragic story of the terrorist attack in Westminster. What's the betting the terrorist is home-grown, probably from the Midlands? We spend a fortune watching ports and airports for people like this, when all the time they're living amongst us with no intention of integrating within our society. Still this is one they can't pin on Martin McGuiness.

Tomorrow we plan to have a nice walk along the beach towards the town and then maybe buy another bag of oranges, only this time we've got to eat them faster than they can decompose.

In the meantime The Chef and I are going to use the laptop to sit and watch the fourth and final episode of 'Mutiny' on Channel 4 Catch-Up.