25. Mar, 2017


SATURDAY 25-3-17

Not a good night. Late yesterday evening I ate almost a whole packet of chocolate-covered peanuts. This of course resulted in indigestion which lasted most of the night, supplemented by a 'nudge' from The Chef at some point after I must have finally dropped off for 'making a noise'. So feeling a bit tired today.

We woke to a bright sunny day which was just as well. We had chores to do including taking the carpets out of the motorhome and giving the floor a good clean.

To help use them up, I had intended to have fresh oranges for breakfast this morning rather than mini bales of hay, by then forgot, so ended up having nothing.

We had a busy morning and managed to get everything done, including flushing through the hot water system. The boiler was filled at the time we left the UK and has only been used once when we were on our way here from Santander. Currently all cleaning and washing is done at the nearby toilet block. This means we have water which is five weeks old in the system, hence the thorough flush through, something I don't think many people think about.

When it was all put back together I took a few internal pictures so that folk can see how we wandering minstrels live.

Lunch was a final portion of the Lidl blue cheese, I can take no more. It's now in the bin, never to be replaced by the same product.

This afternoon we had a wander down to the Chinese Shop on the edge of town where we bought a cheap cotton bag in which to put our oranges. It really doesn't do them any good being in a plastic bag. Then it was in to Lidl for some bits. The Chef is trying to get stocked up before we leave on Monday morning. It will be good to leave. Five weeks is long enough. We love the campsite, it's just us - itchy feet I suppose.

There are now an awful lot of Brits here, most of them on their way home from down south plus the remaining 'Snow Birds' who have been here for much of the winter, supplemented by the recently arrived sheep from the Caravan Club.

The Chef seems happy with her new induction hobs. She thinks they are better than those we left behind in the UK, so that's her sorted.

I have not used the video cameras on this trip and unless I come across something of great interest don't intend to. I have yet to complete the video of our last trip, hence no video links on the blog. I probably won't bother as the number of 'visits' to our YouTube account from the blog is small, so folk aren't that bothered about them, which saves me a job.

I popped up to the top of the campsite this afternoon and took a quick picture of the front of a caravanners awning. Way over the top, but if it makes them happy, so what. It will be in marked contrast to the 'full timers' porches at the campsite we'll stay at in Benidorm. I think it's the one which was featured in a TV series about full timing cheapskate Brits. I doubt if it's got any smarter since we stopped there two years ago on our way home.

We have just a few more jobs to do tomorrow, so hopefully we'll have time to go for a nice walk out or something. Monday morning we'll head south to Benidorm, not because we love Benidorm but it will serve a purpose to us. It will probably be for just two nights, but absolutely no more than three. After that who knows, we'll have to take a look at it in the next day or two. 

I'm now thinking that we'll take a couple of weeks to reach Gibraltar. When we leave there it will give us a month to join all the Spanish interior destinations together in a route as we work our way north, after that it's in to France for a look around the Bordeaux area, then slowly make our way home.