2. Apr, 2017



We woke to a lovely sunny morning. I'd set the alarm to make sure we got up at a reasonable time as we had a few miles to do today.

Again a nice, but crude, hot shower. Again, I think we must have been among the first up as we both had our toilet/shower cabins to ourselves.

After breakfast we got the vehicle ready to depart the campsite/car park. Unfortunately it's been a little bit breezy and the floor is covered in grit and dust from the hard-standing surface. Never mind, I swept it out as best I could but it wasn't worth making a huge effort until we arrived somewhere with a proper tarmac surface, then we can sweep and vacuum as well as washing the plastic covers on the carpets.

With the engine warmed up, we parked on the dump area and drained the grey water tank then filled the 100ltr fresh water tank. This is something we seldom do as each litre of water weighs one kilogram. That's a lot of extra weight. But for the next three days or so we need to be self sufficient and so will need water for showering and washing up etc.

Then we were off, with just a short stop at the garage down the road to fill with diesel and for The Chef to get some fresh milk and bread. We had decided over breakfast to do part of the journey using the AP7 toll road, for the sole purpose of getting well clear of Murcia.

Down the AP7 to junction 878 where we headed north on the mv11. It was dual carriageway all the way to the Lorca area. En-route we pulled in to a small picnic area for lunch. Apart from one car, who's driver found the need to stand behind a tree, we had it to ourselves. Fully refreshed it was back to business.

The original plan was to find the Mercadona supermarket in Guadix, where we could stock up with some more bits, enough to last us three days, with the added bonus that, according to Google maps, had a public car park opposite it. Unfortunately the satnav had not heard of either of the roads on the junction which the store stood, and so rather than risk driving around Guadix aimlessly looking for the supermarket we spotted an Aldi store as we approached Lorca and dived in there instead.

So that was us done, all we needed to do then was take a steady ride down the A92-N towards Granada, turning off about thirty miles before there in to Guadix. Two years ago we had travelled that road running eastwards and the panorama in places was amazing. It really does give you an idea of just how big, and rural this country is. Today, sadly, it was not quite so good as we were travelling westward. Still the views in the rear view mirrors were really good.

As we neared Guadix the Sierra Nevada Mountains came in to view which made an impressive sight.

The Chef had the responsibility for taking some photographs along the way using the pocket camera. I'm expecting the usual selection of blurred trees, crash barriers and road signs in the foreground, but she does her best. To be fair I think there's a bit of a delay between pressing the button and the shutter operating.

We touched lucky after entering Guadix as I spotted a large car parking area on my left running behind a row of shops (GPS: N37.304814 W3.132949). It appeared to be an open-air market which was packing up. We continued just up the road to the roundabout in front of the cathedral then made a 'U' turn before diving off down a side road on our right. And there it was -  dusty, just like Santa Ana - but all being well, a freebie for a couple of nights. I parked near a French motorhome, something we all tend to do in such circumstances, safety in numbers I suppose, we can keep an eye out for each other.

We took a walk towards the Old Town as that's where we'd noticed the Tourist Information sign pointing as we entered the roundabout. We found it fairly easily, the only problem being it was closed until 16:00, that was an hour away. So off around the Old Town we wandered. It's quite a nice area, and we spotted the sign to the cave dwellings, so we'll take a closer look tomorrow.

Back to Tourist Information where we were lucky enough to be able to grab some town maps of places we will be visiting later during the trip, including Seville, Cordoba, Cadiz and Jerez. This will give us a chance to identify anything we want to look at and mark them with a highlight pen. The young lady was very helpful in identifying a few places for us to look at during our stay here, she also confirmed that it was OK for us to park on the car park for one or two nights as there are no campsites in the area.

Back to the motorhome for a bit of relaxation and our evening meal, a salad followed by strawberries and Greek Yoghurt. No cooking, and a lot easier for The Chef.

Had he lived, today would have been my dad's 90th birthday. Sadly we lost him forty-five years ago, leaving my mother to spend far more years of her life as a widow than she did as a wife. So dad, Happy Birthday!

Here at Guadix we are at an altitude of 3,000ft, so we're expecting a cold night tonight, probably down to about 3˚C. I should have bought my thermals.