2. Apr, 2017


SUNDAY 2-4-17

Well we had a pretty bad night last night. With it being bath night in Spain on a Saturday, the local yoof were late getting out yesterday evening. We had to endure VERY loud music coming, I think from a bank of speakers in the boot of a car which was parked very close to us. It was quite deliberate, they had the whole of a very large car park on which to entertain themselves. This went on until about 02:30 this morning. Back home I wouldn't tolerate it, but here it's different, we're visitors in a foreign country, and sometimes you just have to tolerate such behaviour.

Understandably we had a bit of a lie-in this morning. We heard a fair amount of activity outside, only to discover once we were up that they were staging a car boot sale on the car park. As things got progressively busier the motorhome found itself part of the car boot car park.

I'd turned the gas boiler on first thing so that we could scrub up and there'd be enough hot water left to do the breakfast dishes and bits.

The Chef put together a packed lunch and then we set off for the Old Town and the Cave District. We immediately noticed a lot of young females wearing pink and it looked like some sort of event for Breast Cancer. Down in the park near us there was a stage erected and a group of young girl singers giving it their best singing pop songs in English, which for their age I thought was pretty good.

The Chef managed to sneak a look inside Guadix Cathedral as we passed. The main part is open to the public at certain times and costs €5 each to get a look, but The Chef got in to an annex area as people were coming out from a service, all for free. No doubt if he finds out what she did, the Pope will be sending the bailiffs round for the money.

On the way up to the Cave District numerous 'pink' females came walking down from the opposite direction. In true lazy Spanish tradition, they were having a sponsored walk rather than a run. Mind you I can understand it, what with them having had a bath last night, they won't be wanting to get too hot and sweaty. Those armpits have got to last them all week.

When we arrived at the Cave District it was a little disappointing. We were hoping to see, and have access to, the more primitive basic dwellings in the rocks, but I suppose the public are banned from them to try and preserve it all. We've seen dwelling like these on Channel 4's 'A Place in the Sun', where a couple who are too lazy to search the internet or visit Estate Agents themselves, get Channel 4 to the job for them, and they get to view three or four homes.

I suppose looking at them today, in social terms the basic cave dwellings higher up in the rocks were the primitive equivalent of Social Housing, whilst the lower caves that look to have had half a bungalow slapped on the front of them in Hyacinth Bucket Avenue are the equivalent of the middle classes.

We managed to find a couple of useful viewing points where we could enjoy views across the town and dwellings. Having enjoyed our lunch on a bench in the village square we made our way back to the motorhome.

We decided to move the vehicle so that the door wasn't sideways on to the wind which kept whipping the dust up on the car park. During the movement we noticed that the top of the car park was tarmac. What a find. We positioned the vehicle  with the left side facing the wind and the side of a small brick hut giving us an 'L' shaped bit of privacy. We then took the opportunity to remove the carpeting and give everywhere a spray polish and wipe down, followed by vacuuming the upholstery and floor. The protective plastic covering for the carpet was then washed, removing all the grey dust and then it was all put back together. It was time well spent, followed by a bit of sunbathing in our newly-created sun trap.

This evenings meal was a cheeseburger with salad. This is something I persuaded The Chef to buy yesterday. Ignoring the fact that they should be microwaved, but after a spell in the small frying pan they were fine.

Depending on how the later evening works out with the noise from the Spanish knuckle-draggers, we will either leave later and make for a Truckstop somewhere along the A91 to spend the night, wait until morning before setting off for the seaside again, or breaking out this evening and motoring all the way to the coast. We'll be travelling through Granada (we did that and the Alhambra Palace two years ago) then dropping down to the coast in the Malaga area. We'll then be making for Calahonda where we spent Christmas 2014.

The plan is to make our way along the coast visiting campsites etc before leaving Gibraltar mid April heading inland visiting various locations.

All being well it will be buckets and spades later tomorrow.