4. Apr, 2017


TUESDAY 4-4-17

Well we had a bit of a lie-in this morning. I think we must be getting a bit lazy in our old age. Today was to be a chores day anyway, so there didn't seem much point in dashing about.

For the first time on this trip, in fact for a very long time, I had to wait for a shower cubicle to become vacant. It's not that people here are extra specially hygienic, it's that there are only about eight cubicles for the whole site.

Once we were scrubbed up and had eaten, it was time to do the washing. I managed to erect a washing line between a branch of a tree on the edge of our pitch and a lamp post on the front side of it. This gave us enough space to wash all the bedding as well as all of our other bits. I tend to do the bedding as it's hard work by hand. We were considering stuffing it all in a washing machine, but then thought better of it, and were pleased we did, as while we were at the sinks one of the campers told us that not only do they not have hot water taps at the clothes washing sinks, but the washing machines which they are trying to encourage people to use at €3.50 a time are useless. There's always a way around it and The Chef ferried hot water from the next-door washing up sinks to me at my nearby sink. Harder work than it needed to be but that's greedy Spaniards for you.

The sheet and duvet cover were wrung out as dry as we could manage between us, and I'm now coming round to the idea of carrying a small spin dryer to get the clothing and bedding as dry as possible before hanging it out. I'm sure it will be better for the material rather than having the very life strangled out of it each time.

After hanging it all out we set about doing.....well nothing really. Apart from  my contacting the campsite we stayed at near Gibraltar two years ago, Camping La Bella Vista. It was where we spent our second month of the winter. It's a very nice site, though rather functional and sterile, owned by a British company based in the Lake District. As well as being nice it's also expense if you don't stay the full month for a discount. I wanted to enquire if we could park in the parking spaces outside the campsite and 'wild camp' there for a few nights for an agreed fee. Unfortunately they don't permit it and so it's back to the drawing board.

After enjoying this evenings offering from The Chef we had a wander to 'Alberts' bar and restaurant down in the marina for a drink, just to get us off the site.

We have decided to stay another day here at Camping Cabopino in Calahonda, and so tomorrow we will be catching the bus in to Marbella for a look round. After that it's anybody's guess. I have in mind to try and park in the large car park with limited facilities for motorhomes at the marina in La Linea just inside the Spanish border with Gibraltar and stay there for Easter. I'm not sure how the Spanish celebrate Easter, but I think it's a very big event, where hopefully a horrid Spanish kid gets nailed to something and thrown on a bonfire, or am I getting mixed up?

After that we will commence our tour through central Spain.