17. Apr, 2017


MONDAY 17-4-17

Well that was a peaceful night. Apart from a few yoof coming down to the beach with their cars and playing a bit of music, not too loudly, before getting bored quickly as kids do, and going home. None of this lasted beyond about 23:30, after that it was silence. We both managed to get in about eight hours sleep which was good since we lost that much over two consecutive nights at the car park back in town. Waking up in the morning, slipping on a pair of swimming shorts and stepping on to a beach on a bright, warm sunny morning ain't so bad.

I moved the vehicle over to the other side of the car park before doing anything else. My thinking was that if they were good enough to give me a peaceful night's sleep for free, then the least I could do was vacate a prime parking spot next to the beach for families with chairs, picnics hampers etc to carry.

Having scrubbed up and had breakfast I said to The Chef that I would have expected the car park to have been much busier by then, but never mind.

Next was a walk up to the nearby Playa Las Dunas campsite for a look round and to ensure it wasn't too grotty and had vacant spaces. Following a look round it was acceptable. We chose the pitch that we wanted and made our way to Reception. Well rather The Chef did while I made my way back to the beach to get the vehicle. We would have loved to spend another day down on the car park, but we needed facilities to get our washing up to date, dump waste water etc, and some mains electricity.

As soon as I could, I went to the toilet block to empty the loo and have a look round. On entering the toilet section there they were, opposite a line of traditional toilets, a line of Shanks Squatters. The greatest contribution we made to our former Empire. It's introduction made the spade obsolete. I can only assume they get North African Muslims over, who would consider such a facility a five-star luxury, and a major improvement on a hole in the ground. Since there was no toilet paper provided, I assumed it had been the Muslims who ran off with it, probably using it to write down the registration numbers of French motorhomes which pass through here.

Having set ourselves up we just lazed around on what was another very hot day, probably 28˚C again.

I'm becoming concerned about our leisure battery which provides 12v electricity to the habitation area. It will charge from the engine when on the road but doesn't now seem to want to accept a charge via mains electricity. I have checked the fuses and they seem ok, so maybe we're due to replace it. That kind of battery is not cheap to replace if you want a good one. Considering that by the end of this trip, we will have spent over a year living 'on the road' on various trips since owning 'Freddie' perhaps it's done its bit. As long as it holds out until we get home we'll be ok, then I'll get an expert to check the system over. I've got a huge, long list of jobs to do, many before our next trip in September, but certainly all of them to be tackled by next Spring when we plan to do Italy and Greece during another three month adventure. I'll just add the battery to that list.

After our evening meal we went for a stroll back over to the beach car park and a walk along a very long breakwater which ran between the river and the beach, heading out directly towards Cadiz on the other side of the bay.

On our return we sat down outside the bar at the front of the campsite and had a lovely cool beer each. Sometimes only a cool beer will do the job.

Tomorrow is a chores day, certainly in the morning. We have the washing to do as well as housework. This is to ensure we are fully prepared for the road before setting off towards Seville. We are determined to see some Flamenco dancing whilst we're there. We had expected to see some in Cadiz since the name of the place conjures up an image of that sort of thing, but unfortunately the only dancing to be done there was the fancy footwork required to dodge the dog turds and chewing gum on the pavements.

Hopefully tomorrow afternoon we'll get to do something other than chores before we set off on Wednesday morning, heading inland.