20. Apr, 2017


THURSDAY 20-4-17

You know how tennis players before serving a ball bounce it up and down, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, on the court before finally smacking it with their racket and sending it over the top of the net to the other side of the court. So why the bouncing? Getting themselves in to the right psychological mood I suppose.

Well they don't play tennis here, and the reason? It requires too much effort spending so long standing on their back legs and having nothing for the knuckles to do.

Well here in Seville, just across the river from where we are parked is the John McEnroe of crane operatives. The noise loading the coaster vessel with what sounded like scrap metal finished at about 23:00 last night.  However at 06:00 this morning the bouncy, bouncy started. He wasn't loading the ship as believe me you can tell the difference between a huge crash of scrap metal being picked up by a crane and landing in the hull of a ship with the supporting echo from the void in the hull, with a man just picking it up and dropping it again. I was trying to tell myself that like John McEnroe, he was psyching himself up, calibrating the eye, ear and hand control of the crane. I must assume he was successful because at 06:30 he started to load the coastal vessel again, what a noise. The alarm clock went off at 07:30 but that was a pointless event.

Boiler fired up for hot water then a strip wash. Today we wanted to strike the balance between saving LPG and electricity, being nice and clean and yet blending in to the Spanish rancid armpit culture, believe me it's not easy.

We had made up our minds that we were going to buy tickets for the tour bus which we understood toured around the city passing all the interesting sights. Well by the time we had walked past all of the sights we saw last night, went beyond them to see yet more on the way to the tour bus stop I don't think there was much left to see. Still looking on the bright side the young lady who screwed sold us two 48 hour jump-on and jump off tickets for something like £50 for the two, probably couldn't believe her luck. We got on the bus and eventually moved off passing nothing much of interest at all. We did the Expo '92 site out on the edge of town which was pretty derelict, we saw a lot of places of no interest whatsoever and then we got off for a look around - well, somewhere. Thank heavens we had acquired a tourist map of Seville at the Tourist Information Office at Guadix, otherwise I think we'd have still been trying to find our way back.

Despite all the p**s-taking Seville is architecturally a very interesting city. It's lovely. Each time we turned a corner there was something else of interest (well providing you were walking, rather than taking the tour bus).

The Cathedral, which is the largest in Europe, was so huge it wouldn't fit in the viewfinder of the pocket camera. So it must have been big. That's my problem, the SLR gives a better, more detailed picture, but it doesn't have the wide angle lens of the pocket camera. I bought the SLR in 2007 for our motorhome tours of America. I wanted an all-rounder, and the lens on it deals with most situations but it's stumped on wide angle pictures. This means I spend all day dragging a bulky camera around, yet find it unsuitable for most shots I need to take in an environment like this, it tends to be the little Canon pocket camera which comes to the rescue.

We eventually found the Museum of Flamenco and whilst there booked a couple of tickets for their 17:00 performance tomorrow evening. SOOoooo much cheaper than the tourist rip-off joints, we paid €14 each for seniors, as opposed to €35+ at other venues. Besides would we honestly know the difference between a good and a bad performance of Flamenco?

Soon afterwards we came across a small group of busking Flamenco dancers. Typical, there we were patting ourselves on the back about how much we'd saved when down the road we could have got a performance for nothing.

We stayed quite a while being entertained before getting very hot, and so The Chef suggested we climb back on the rip-off tour bus and sit downstairs in an air-conditioned area and have a drive around to rest, cool down, and get our money's worth.

When we eventually arrived back at our motorhome car park we found a motorhoming Spanish family looking for a parking space. Their problem was that they were travelling with another group, two vehicles, ten people in all including kids, and couldn't get two pitches together. Anyhow, to cut a long story short, I moved over enough for their friends to get in beside us so that they could be together. I'm not complaining, we got a really delicious bottle of red wine out of them for our troubles. I have to say they are a really nice Spanish family with the first well behaved children we have met so far.

Tomorrow we shall be tidying up loose ends including a tour of the bullring, the only reason being that for some reason the bullring at Seville is like the Mecca of bullrings in Spain. The Chef fancies actually going in to the Cathedral now she's learned that it's free admission, and one or two other places, before our 17:00 Flamenco performance.