30. Apr, 2017


SUNDAY 30-4-17

Today we had planned to catch the one and only bus in to Bordeaux city for a look around. The morning bought reasonable weather and so we decided to do a few bits of hand washing including both of our micro-fibre bath towels, hanging them over both the reclining chairs, brought out specially for the occasion.

However about mid-day, about an hour before we were due to make our way to the bus stop the heavens opened. According to the on-line, computer-generated weather forecast from the BBC, it was only supposed to be showers between 14:00 and 18:00, but this was not a shower, and it wasn't 14:00. It was one long, steady downpour of heavy rain. Fortunately we'd managed to gather up the washing and put it in the two washing up bowls which were then placed in the rear garage.

So we then had a dilemma****, should we risk it and make for the bus in the hope that the forecast was partly right and the weather gradually improve, or do we not risk it? If we went, and things stayed as they were, we would, even with waterproofs with us, have got cold and wet, with no means to get back to the campsite until the one and only return bus at 18:15.

We decided not to risk it. Instead we'd spend the day indoors enjoying the warmth of the electric fan heater (after it had dried the towels hanging in the bathroom), a glass or two of the wine we'd bought back down the road in Spain at an amazing price of just over one pound a litre, and thankfully even though we hadn't had a label to identify the wine, it was exactly the right wine in the boxes. I was a bit fearful having bought forty litres of the stuff that we'd (that is 'I') got it wrong and were stuck with an awful lot of glorified toilet cleaner. But no, it was luvverly jubberly.

Staying indoors today gave me the opportunity to finish my book 'Taking the Micky', written by Michael Lander aka Micky Zany, the comedian we met on the Fred Olsen Norwegian Cruise in February. A very funny, and an even nicer man. So that's it, no more reading material. We are so far from civilisation that we cannot even buy a copy of the Daily Mail or the Sun, two newspapers which seem to be available everywhere this side of the Channel.

Today the campsite has been lovely and quiet. Lots of people moved out, presumably on their way home, including the French, who haven't got far to go before they can hide under their pillows and suck their thumbs, safe in the knowledge that those nasty Moroccans can't find them now. Even the few barking dogs have gone. Gosh it's almost worth a wet day for such peace.

As there are no photographs today I will share one I took back in Jerez during the very interesting tour of the 'Tio Pepe' Bodegas, but due to the number of pictures uploaded that day, didn't share.

Now very often we see on TV these people drawing sherry from a barrel with a small, deep, round steel  'cup' on the end of a long steel handle, and then pour the contents from on high in to a few glasses held in their other hand (a useful skill to show off with in front of friends and family when emptying a catheter bag in old age).

Well the thing is, those barrels are not full (see picture of a glass fronted barrel for demonstration purposes). If they wish to take sherry from the barrel they need to pass the 'cup' through the layer of yeast on top of the wine, take the sherry sample, and then withdraw the 'cup' back through the same gap, allowing the yeast to join together again afterwards sealing the 'hole'. How about that then, interesting or what?

Tomorrow we are hoping to catch the bus in to Bordeaux for a look around. If we don't do it then we have wasted our time and money sitting on this campsite at €17 a night.

After that it's St Emilion and Cognac. In Cognac we (that is 'I'), plan to stay at an Aire next door to where they produce Hennessey brandy. This tourist business can be hell.

**** A dilemma:

You're a chap. You find yourself lying naked in a king size bed. On one side of you is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen, she is starkers and hot for it. On the other side of you is a man, a real hunk, good looking, he's gay, and he has the hots for you as well, - which one do you turn your back on?